MASL president responds to Troubetzkoy’s comments about local press

MASL president responds to Troubetzkoy’s comments about local press
Clinton Reynolds.
Clinton Reynolds.
Clinton Reynolds.

President of the Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL), Clinton Reynolds, has responded to statements made by Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) President Karolin Troubetzkoy, about the local press.

In her New Year’s message, Troubetzkoy said she wish that “some of our local press”, will spend more time in 2016 to check the accuracy of their news stories and be more sensitive to the damage which “irresponsible reporting” can do.

The businesswoman also said in her message, that she hopes that the international press will predominantly feature “many positive stories” about Saint Lucia.

But Reynold is reported in the media as saying, that Troubetzkoy should justify her statements made in her New Year’s message about the local press, by providing examples.

The MASL head said there are several media organizations here and admitted that in a few instances some of them might get it wrong, explaining that the media is not perfect.

However, Reynolds said making such a broad statement is not acceptable.

There have been attempts in the past to get the media to stop placing emphasis on crime or any story that may shed a negative light on the island, but news owners and editors have long argued that it is their responsibility to deliver the news to the people.


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  1. U just said it reynolds, so what's your point? U should be saying the media reporters have to get it right.


  2. Reynolds trying to get some attention or what? Why does he think the statement made requires further clarification? So only the media have the right to speak freely!


  3. She is right. The crap that passes on as news today baffles me, there are some things that definitely shold not go online for the whole world to see. Local news should stay local.


  4. You admitting that the media sometimes gets it wrong but you want the lady to justify her statements with examples??? Um you just justifed it by saying some media organizations get it wrong sometimes. WHAT KIND OF STUPID ARE YOU #thankgoditsnotanslppolitician


  5. The local media writers, talk-show hosts, etc always pander to the lowest common denominator. Our politicians oblige.
    Our entrenched political tribalism ensures a near 50-50 split along party lines. This of course relies on that receptive audience that wallows in all kinds of unadulterated crap, lies, damn lies, and political disinformation.
    An uneducated population is a curse and a recipe for economic and political misery. We have that. We are facing that right now. We are enjoying 'Better days!"


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