Mary Isaac under fire for statements made on death of former councilman

Mary Isaac under fire for statements made on death of former councilman
Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia said Mary Isaac should resign
Health Minister Mary Isaac.

(SNO) – Health Minister Mary Isaac is coming under fire for statements she made concerning the shooting death of former councilman Victor Maurice.

The flak is coming from first deputy leader of the St. Lucia labor Party (SLP) Dr. Ernest Hilaire who believes that she should be questioned in the death of Maurice, a longtime supporter of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP).

“Surely someone should be asking what is more to this than we know,” Hilaire said at a press briefing.

At a vigil for Maurice, Isaac made statements which did not seem to go down well with Hilaire.

“Someone just sent someone to kill Maurice and that is the bottom-line,” she said. “And God was watching, that is what they don’t know. And someone is gonna have to speak because whoever paid this person know he paid the person and the person knows that somebody paid him. So that’s two people. And you know what they say about a secret? It’s only a secret if you keep it to yourself. So this is no longer a secret, someone will have to start talking.”

Isaac’s words left Hiliare to question why she has not been brought in for questioning my law enforcement authorities.

“Shouldn’t the police be questioning her?” he stated. “Should the Director of Public Prosecution should be questioning her to find out how do you know.?Because of you are member of the National Security Committee, you are a member of cabinet and you are making such very clear statements, surely you know something.”

After her speech at Maurice’s vigil, Isaac was seen being hugged by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, a move which Hilaire described as “interesting.”

“More interesting is that when she was finished speaking, the Prime Minister went up to hug her, from what I saw, and to give her strength and comfort,” he remarked. “If she said something which was inappropriate and out of out of place, you might have guessed their might be a different reaction from him.”

He is now questioning “what is it that they know that we don’t know” for a minister to make such statements.

“You have no choice to be wondering what is going on,” Hilaire said.

Maurice, a popular nut vendor and a councilor of the Castries Constituency Council for years, was shot and injured at his home in Balata, Castries in November, 2019.

He died from his injuries in January 2020.


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