Opposition says no SLP MP has ever received $30,000 after winning their seats

Opposition says no SLP MP has ever received $30,000 after winning their seats
Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia said Mary Isaac should resign
Mary Isaac
Mary Isaac

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party refers to the comments made by Senator Mary Isaac on Monday 12 September aired on various media outlets.

In her comments Senator Isaac stated that Hon. Ernest Hilaire Parliamentary Representative for Castries South and all parliamentarians who won their seats automatically get $30,000.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to make it abundantly clear that this is an untruth, libellous and is intended purely to mislead the public.

No Labour Party Parliamentarian has ever received $30,000 after winning their seats.

The SLP would like to place on record that every elected parliamentarian whether SLP or UWP is allowed to maintain a constituency office and that the office expenses are disbursed by the Clerk of Parliament up to a maximum limit of $30,000 per year.

In this regard, Hon. Isaac should answer what is the source of financing for the office and staff which she maintains at The Morne even if she did not win her seat and is not an elected Parliamentarian.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party once more calls on the UWP to get on with the task of government and stop dividing and misleading the people of Saint Lucia with cheap politics.


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  1. You are damn right. Millions and not thousands. They spend it on campaigns to make even more millions. The truth had to come out one day.


  2. Sigh!!!when will these petty political arguments stop and you guys get on with buisness of developing this darn forsaken country!!!!


  3. SLP wants the government to stop engaging in divisive politics... REALLY?? Did y'all forget the number of times y'all did that exact same thing. When ppl asked about the hundreds of affairs and missing money and shadow appointments of officials. I'm not any kind of party hack for either side and believe both parties have serious flaws(see Mayers and Ernest for examples) but don't come in and be a big hypocrite and pretend you're holier than thou. You did it too. Deal with it. And set the new way forward where that shit doesn't become the norm


  4. Is Mary Issac for real?, She just put her neck in her own noose.I am expecting that pretty soon, whatever it is that she is standing on will collapse under feet.



  5. The only organisation who see Isaac is the UWP. The state don't see her and as far as the state is concerned Isaac don't exist. If she wants to promote herself in a constituency then she has her pocket and that of UWP. The government has no right to give her state funds to promote her popularity. This government never ceases to amaze!


  6. I concur. Get on with the ppl work enough with this back and forth. I tell u uwp/ current elected officials acting like they are in opposition. smh


  7. I think these SLP monkey's don't understand, what mary said,, and they just quick to beat their monkey a,,,,s,, she said there is a $30.000 for the SLP monkey MP's,, six (6) mp's,, at $5000 each,, is it not $30.000,, she never said the mp's are geting $30.000 each,, or hillaire is geting $30.000,,, so you'll SLP'S, stop being monkey's,,,, and the SLP's that play the most cheap politics,, you'll was so cheap they sold out you'll selves very cheap,, and loose the election,, mary much better than you'll.


  8. Yes. She may. But SLP has but ONLY FIFTEEN YEARS of meagre documented evidence in parliamentary records, on the campaign trails and its sometime double-take manifestos aimed at the trained technically-skilled roadside grass-trimming STEP workers just to drown ALL of hers. Clowns.


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