Mary Francis wants “truth” in De Leon homicide investigation

Mary Francis wants “truth” in De Leon homicide investigation
Mary Francis (left) and Kimberly De Leon
Mary Francis (left) and Kimberly De Leon

(SNO) — Human rights attorney, Mary Francis, is calling for what she described as “the truth” in Saint Lucia, saying it has been hidden for way too long.

She was speaking against the backdrop of the investigation into the death of 42-year-old Kimberly De Leon, who was shot and killed at her home on October 29. Her husband, a high ranking police officer, has been named as a person of interest in the matter.

Francis is calling for an independent probe into the killing, saying there is too much cover-up on the island. However the police are insisting they can do an unbiased job.

“I have my suspicions about this whole incident,” Francis told HTS.

The police have confirmed that De Leon, a mother of two, had filed complaints about alleged assault against her husband before she was killed.

Francis is of the opinion that a lot of “covering up” is taking place in Saint Lucia “and wool is being drawn across the eyes of the citizenry in this country for too long”.

“That’s all I need to say,” she stated. “I have my suspicions and there are a lot of covering-up in Saint Lucia.”

The police have said that the investigation into that matter was turned over to a senior police officer, who was not named.

Francis thinks that an independent investigation is now warranted in the case.

“We have spoken on that before, that there should be an independent unit investigating whenever there is a police killing,” she explained.

She pointed out that she is not saying that the police are involved in De Leon’s death, but that is how it ought to be.

“What we need in Saint Lucia is truth; truth has been hidden for too long in this country,” she said. “That’s what we need, open investigations, independent investigations and let the chips fall wherever they fall.”

No one has been charged in the killing of De Leon and the police have not named any other persons of interest in the case.


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  1. There will be justice for Kim.The police should not be allowed to investigate this killing the person of intrest is her x husband who is walking the streets as nothing is wrong .The pressure must continue I just cannot understand our laws you kill weather you're a cop or not you should be behind bars.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW


  2. There should be an independent unit to investigate this crime. The police should not be allowed to investigate one of their own without an independent source. This is St. Lucia that we are talking about. Land of cover up and bad policing. Please honor this young mother and find some justice for her. Allow her to rest in peace.
    Eyes are on this case from all over the world. Do the right thing.


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