Mary Francis criticises DPP’s handling of IMPACS report

Mary Francis criticises DPP’s handling of IMPACS report
Mary Francis
Mary Francis

Human Rights Activist and Attorney-at-Law Mary Francis has severely criticised the manner in which the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Victoria Charles-Clarke handled the CARICOM IMPACS Report.

Francis believes that the DPP had adequate time to deal with the report and said nothing should have stopped her from ensuring that she dealt with the issue properly before heading to pre-retirement leave.

“If she received that report since March…in terms of the statements that were missing, couldn’t she have gone back to the source and request that information that was so vital to assist her?” she questioned.

The human rights activist said further procedural lapses should not have even prevented her from doing what she was “supposed to do all those months”.

But Charles-Clarke has played up being swarmed with other important issues, particularly working to reduce the number of persons on remand and the backlog of cases.

“I think she could have behaved differently. From March she had the report and realizing the importance of this whole matter she should have treated the thing with more urgency,” Francis added.

Back in October, Francis had said that Charles-Clarke was being lukewarm in her approach towards addressing the IMPACS Report, while noting that the integrity of the inquiry was being undermined.

Francis had said too that despite the DPP has a whole lot of independence, she also have the duty and is accountable as a public servant to make a statement on this situation.

“We have to continue to advocate for justice for these people. I am not going to let it rest. The image of the Police Force is at stake. People’s confidence in the justice system was shaken,” she told HTS News on Tuesday.

Charles-Clarke, who is heading on pre-retirement leave as of this month, only broke her silence on the matter after she was called out by the Minister of Housing Stanley Felix and asked to resign for not being able to deal “efficiently” with the IMPACS Report.

But Charles-Clarke has maintained that the information she received in the IMPACS Report, did not conform to the laws of Saint Lucia and as a result, she had written to the Minister of Home Affairs and the Attorney General on the matter. She also states that there was no proper evidence.

The IMPACS Report was compiled based on an investigation into alleged extra-judicial killings by some members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) between 2009 and 2011.

The report was handed over to the DPP by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony for action.


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  1. Mary Francis is spot on. This DPP is not worth her legal salt and should pack and and moe on. Under her watch a lot of cases including murder have gone unsolve. What are we paying her to do? People are languishing in prison without trials. This is simply not fair and not good enough. She are her team at the CPS are incompetent. They are doing nothing to prosecute cases and as a result there is a backlog of criminal cases pending. It is not fair to keep people in prison on remand for long periods without a trial.

    St Lucia needs a robust DPP who will be willing to work with the police and courts system to bring cases to trial. People who committ crimes need to be held responsible for their criminal actions. They need to be taken to court. The DPP isn't doing enough and her reasons for not doing enough are not compelling. It is tenuous and feeble. She is making excuses and the housing minster was right in calling for her removal. She is lightweight and soft. We need a heavyweight to prosecute cases and tough on crime. I support her removal. I back Mary and the minister for seeking to remove her.

    There are far too many crimes going unpunished and she is doing nothing about it. She is not gathering the evidence to brig the cases to trial. Common it does not take that log to gather evidence to bring to trial. There are no excuses she can offer to anyone which is plausible. She is charged with prosecutig cases and should do just that'prosecute cases in court'. There are so many crimes being committed amd so many prisoners on remand and nothing is being done to bring closure. The people on remand want to have their day in court to prove their guilt or innocence. The unsolve cases need to be revisited and looked into again.The DPP have had enough time to put measures in place to sort this out.

    She has had her time and it's about time she is removed and replaced with someone more competent. There are lots of candidates available. She needs to go. No more petter excuses from her and her staff. St Lucia can do better. For the sake of justice in St Lucia please go otherwise the department of justice and legal affiairs should sack her.


  2. Sidenote: As a child, I was always a bit amused and somewhat frightened by Mary's eye brows, or lack thereof. '_'
    But she gets around! lol


  3. I think the DPP should've at least said something to the public earlier. Its always good to 'clear the air' as it were, by at least stating earlier what actions she had taken in efforts to address the IMPACS report. Aside from that, I think she worked within her scope and capabilities.

    Mary on the other hand seems dissatisfied with everything. I wish to see how she would perform in a more public demanding role. She critics everybody. Don't think I've ever heard her praise unless it something in her favor (perhaps agenda). She would do well in politics as an Opposition member I think. Mrs.Francis I think your voice is valuable, however I wish you were more balanced. I question what your concern and your genuineness when you say that, "The image of the Police Force is at stake".

    But St.Lucia in real non sense no joke. Sometimes i wish neither red or yellow existed but that a new party with only people who truly cared about St.Lucia and its people would arise.
    End of time Yes!


  4. Mary, I think you should go back and read the DPP'S report. she received the report on the 7th March 2015 at 8.30 pm. Kenny Anthony wasted no time , the following day he addressed the nation, with only what he wanted us to know. The DPP had other important cases to handle during the time IMPACS was handed to her. These cases were just as important as IMPACS, hence the reason for asking for more manpower as to enable her to turn her attention to the IMPACS. We also knew the Courts being closed for a while so we cannot blame the DPP for her late action of the report. Kenny on the other hand read the report before handing it to the DPP, why didn't he see there were no statements or information attached? I have heard Rick Wayne say for weeks, he understand the DPP will be going on retirement leave, I guess Mary and Kenny did not hear that. According to our laws, in Cases like these there is always an Inquest .Seven inquests were heard each with a jury, why now are these inquest not accepted. It shows our Court system has failed us, so many deaths have been ruled death by misadventure in the past, and have been accepted, are we saying that we should go back and reopen these cases because of new information? Kenny has opened a can of worms, and now he is stuck.He wanted to use the IMPACS report as a political tool against the opposition and now it backfire on him. Good luck to you kenny


  5. There is no real evidence in the report just allegations and a whole bunch of witnesses each with an agenda.

    Our people have to realize that all this was a political attempt to discredit the current opposition and has nothing to do with police competency, justice or the DPP.

    Courts rely on evidence not opinion and that is why the DPP is stalling on the report instead of throwing it out.

    Cause if she does throw it out it would be against her affiliation.


  6. absolute nonsense by mary. she wont stop empowering criminal why they keep raping, robbing, killing. The dpp has done an amazing job, in this country we do alot of scapegoating.


    • bullshit i see her in someone car at night in a coner. car was shaking up and down whiles holding the IMPACS report


  7. Given the magnitude of the accusations and the amount of evidence (obvious and oblivious), written, oral and physical that would be required for those alleged IMPACS judicial violations even if Mrs Charles-Clarke had to work on nothing else from March 2015 she would still not be ready to prosecute for years.

    People really need to have appreciation for other people's professions. Even though I cannot build a four lane highway from Vieux Fort to Castries I cannot expect a qualified engineer to do in in two months!!
    The Federal Bureau of Investigations of USA (FBI) can take as many as twenty years if necessary to eventually seek an indictment.

    Let's put things in perspective and be realistic though. The handling of the IMPACS report was an administrative and legal matter on a national scale. Administrative changes could have been done long before procedural legal matters. If indeed there is sufficient evidence to suggest that some of the accusations might be correct then administrative changes could have been instituted by the Minister of Home Affairs pending any further legal action that could be sustained.


  8. Mary u 110% right at least u calling it what it is just like the rest of the justice system dragging it's feet in every aspect of the court of law in SLU what a shame from DPP from A to Z papishow.


  9. Why is it only bad news makes the news broad cast every single day. I am longing for a day when I put on my television set and I see only good news. Its like if a day we dont hear news about a shooting a stabbing or a raping then we don't even want to continue watching. News casters please let us watch news one day and see only good news.


    • Daughter of retard please shut up....News is there to raise awareness and inform whether good or bad...people still need to know...Its seems like this news really affects you...wonder why???


  10. The DPP honestly is not doing a good job,don't know if is influence or political affiliation or she just can't do the job.


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