Mary Francis concerned by increase in sexual crimes

Mary Francis concerned by increase in sexual crimes
Mary Francis
Mary Francis
Mary Francis

Human Rights activist and Attorney-at-Law, Mary Francis, has reiterated that there is need for swift justice in the many sex crimes being committed on the island.

Francis’ comment comes in light of the alleged rape of two teenagers at Derek Walcott square on Friday.

While some persons have argued that Francis only speaks to the human rights of alleged criminals and not the ordinary citizen, Francis has debunked those claims stating that she has spoken on the issue many times before.

“We have to come together and take responsibility for our lives. Take responsibility for the management of our country. Its sickening to believe that such an act has taken place in the middle of the town,” she stated.

The human rights lawyer questioned why it is happening and why are young men engaging in this type of behaviour.

She said the authorities must ensure that certain interventions are taken to prevent a recurrence.

But Francis is not the only one concerned about this issue. Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert slammed the government for their silence on the increase in sex crimes.

Rigobert said she would like to see government giving greater priority to correcting inefficiencies in the judicial system and reopening the forensic laboratory.

The Micoud North MP said  government needs to do more to convince the citizenry that it is interested in creating an environment of zero tolerance for sex crimes.


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  1. All this nonsense talk. the maximum penalty for rape is life imprisonment. Now how many convicted rapists have been given life?


  2. Whilst I am all for human rights, criminals cannot have the same rights as everyone else. Perhaps we are too soft on the criminals because human rights activists do focus more on criminal rights than Justice.


  3. OMG she recognizes rape and rape victims as a human rights issue.. Mary mary quite contrary u seem to be making progress after all.


  4. It was time you start to speak on behalf of the victims. You were quick to speak on behalf of the criminals and as you know the victims have their human rights too. I can now bravo you, better late than never


  5. Isn't anyone in Authority getting the point? There is not a separate "crime school" for rapists as opposed to armed robbers!!
    The rapists come from the same groups of robbers. Not all robbers are rapists though!! But of late it is clear that most rapists are robbers!! When I was growing up old "macos" were rapists. Now rapists are a different profile. Catch the robbers and in their midst you must find the rapists. At least you will be killing two birds with one stone, and what can be wrong with that??
    In the recent incident on the square, do you think the rapist went to get a gun that he had "especially for raping"? It's the same gun that he uses for robbing people that he went to get!!

    No more vacation for police until things get back to normal.


  6. They all now getting excited about crime and police and government and forensic lab. But too little too late. The horses have long gone.

    Look up to now the country's most important document for action IMPACS remains unresolved and has become a political football kicked from platform to platform.
    So who having fun. The man that holding the report tight.
    So who suffering. The police, the country and tax payers who paid for the report.

    The authorities continue to fiddle whilst Helen long burning.


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