Mary Francis calls for fixed election date

Mary Francis calls for fixed election date
Mary Francis
Mary Francis
Mary Francis

CMC – Human Rights Activist Mary Francis has called for election dates to be fixed and not called at the “whim and fancy” of the Prime Minister.

Francis, a former executive member of the governing St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP), said  Prime Minister Kenny Anthony’s election date announcement last Thursday took her by surprise.

“It is shocking to hear June 6, less than the traditional twenty-one days,” Francis said.

She observed that the twenty-one day period has been a tradition in the Caribbean and declared that the poll represents a watershed moment for St Lucians in terms of the economic, political and social development of the country.

Declaring that St Lucia is a society in crisis,  Francis, who is also an Attorney at Law asserted that the elections provide an opportunity for voters to make a “surgical strike” against the malaise confronting this country.

“We all know what that is,” Francis said, without going into detail.

She added that it is also very important is to restore St Lucia’s image in the international community as far as human rights are concerned and asserted that after four years in office, the labour government has failed to address the IMPACS issue and restore the integrity of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“Look at the haste with which he (the Prime Minister) announced June 6. Why wasn’t the IMPACS situation addressed with more urgency I don’t know.”

While acknowledging that it is the Prime Minister’s prerogative to call an election date, the Human Rights Activist believed that in view of sentiments expressed during talks on constitutional reform, there should be fixed election dates.

Francis urged St Lucians to be careful when making choices for the betterment of the country.

She said that a foremost consideration should be the image of St Lucia and the failure of the government to address the IMPACS issue.

“They were in opposition when it happened under the last regime and they said nothing,” Francis recalled.

She said people were being killed on the streets and the labour party which was then in opposition refused to speak up.“They knew it would have backfired on them,” Francis declared.

She said when the labour party got into office, it did nothing up to now to restore the image of the police force and this is of major concern.


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  1. Canada, which is also a Commonwealth Realm and has a similar Westminster style Parliament, recently moved to having fixed elections, I think we should too. It gives everyone enough time to prepare.


  2. Only now? Saint Lucians seem to be on Moo-moo pills when it matters. Then they make useless statements after the fact. Where was public relations article in the press during the constitutional review circus of clowns.
    Most, if not all, up to today do not possess one shred of deep philosophical thought that anyone can see or discern as to what guided the gargantuan load of crap they put forward as an excuse for constitutional change. What we got was a fait accompli. Besides, there was a veritable Trojan Horse in the person of the blood relative of a certain sitting PM.
    Forsooth, Saint Lucians are so damn comical, idiotic, and happy-go-lucky. Stop spewing solemn nonsense as something sensible. There is a time and place for everything,.


  3. Sorry to say,but people like you is the reason the country is in crisis and criminal elements running rampant,cause the law is scared to deal with them, wait till the shoe is on the other foot and you will be the one crying for the police, I hope then you will have the good ole US of A in your corner


  4. Totally agree for once with this lady. This should be made in an address to the nation as well, not to be announced on any party platform.


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