Martinique’s water supply hit by drought conditions

Martinique’s water supply hit by drought conditions

(St. Lucia News Online) — Martinique, like Saint Lucia, is experiencing worsening drought conditions.

Numerous water lock-offs and rationing-scheduling are underway in the French neighbouring island, according to media reports.

“In order to compensate for the insufficiency of water resources, in this harsh Lent period, a drinking water cut-off program is effective throughout Martinique in collaboration with all operators (Odyssi, SME, SMDS),” a report by Martinique 1ere stated.

This provision aims to ensure “equity and solidarity at the level of all subscribers subject to an adequate supply of water”, explains Odyssi.

The water operators added that “this unprecedented drought and its consequences are not to be taken lightly. The individual reserves made to deal with the cuts must be reasonable and the actions of saving water must be applied by all”.

People on Martinique are advised to shower in baths, limit the duration of the shower, do not let the water run during the dishes, soaping, washing teeth, shaving; track leaks and make necessary repairs, run full machines (dishes and laundry), otherwise use the half-load function; and to optimize dishes by hand, use two trays, one for washing and another for rinsing.

Faced with the current drought and ruptures in water supply, the mayor of Lamentin and Odyssi informed the citizens of the Morne Pavillon, Mahogany, Palm kernel, Palm-tree, Basse-Gondeau, California, Long-Pré and Hauts de Californie districts that water tanks are at their disposal, including one dedicated to nursing and medical staff.

The mayor of the town of Lamentin reminded citizens the water being provided is only for domestic needs and the tanks are replenished regularly.

“People are asked to respect socialization distances,” he also advised in light of the COVID-19 outbreak crisis.

SOURCE: Martinique 1ere


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