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Martinique officials report several cases of dengue fever

By SNO Staff

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The Aedes mosquito can spread Zika virus in addition to dengue fever and chikungunya virus.

(SNO) — The authorities in Martinique are on high alert after several persons were reported to have fallen ill to the mosquito-borne disease.

According to Martinique 1ere, though the exact number of cases is not known at this time, the health authorities confirmed that on Wednesday, Feb. 6, “several proven cases of dengue fever in Martinique” were reported.

Dr. Manuel Étienne, entomologist and director of the Center of Mosquito Control, said “without wanting to stigmatize” he can confirm that several outbreaks were detected in communities in the south-east and centre of Martinique.

The media house further reported that several isolated cases of dengue fever were reported in 2016 and 2018, however, the last dengue epidemic in Martinique occurred in 2013/2014 when 9,500 cases were found.

Authorities said prevention of “mosquito proliferation” remains the best solution against a new dengue epidemic.

The main symptoms of dengue are fever, body aches, and muscle and joint pains.

Health authorities in Saint Lucia are also on alert after recording a slight increase in the number of dengue cases in 2018.


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  1. Sandra Jason Muhammad Joseph richardson

    Why are we not représente in the current OAS meeting which are currently been held.

  2. Sandra Jason Muhammad Joseph richardson

    Why are we not représente in the current OAS meeting s which are presently taking place? Or is it that the invitation was not sent ! I tell you the previous administration has alot of questions to answer, concerning their duty as it would have seemingly to be.


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