Marine Unit still awaiting word on identity of bodies found in Martinique

Marine Unit still awaiting word on identity of bodies found in Martinique


The Marine Unit is still waiting on a response from the authorities in Martinique to determine whether any of the four men found off the shores of the French island on (June 18) are Saint Lucians.

Assistant Superintendent John Preville said that post-mortem examinations have been completed for the four men, but authorities there are still conducting their investigations.

“They said they will get back to us by this week, but nothing as yet. Some persons here said they have identified the bodies, but I am not sure that is confirmed,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, (July 23).

Preville said his unit has requested all the information regarding this case and upon receiving the information, the unit will be able to determine whether anyone here should be contacted to identify the bodies.

According to reports, at least one of the four men that were discovered is that of a Saint Lucian national of Dennery, who is believed to be in his early sixties.

His body was discovered along with a Saint Lucian registered boat named ‘We Trust in God.’

Four men went missing on June 5. They were destined for St. Lucia and had left Martinique earlier that morning and were never heard from again. Their pirogue has not been spotted either.

But Preville told SNO, “One thing I know for sure is that the first vessel which left Martinique with four men, the authorities there have discontinued the search for that vessel.”

Meanwhile, the Marine Unit has also received reports of a missing vessel on Friday, June 19 at about 6:30 p.m. The vessel had seven St. Lucian men on board.

Information suggests that two of the seven persons on board are from Dennery.

The boat carries a 150 horse-power outboard engine and is red and orange inside and is yellow and blue outside.


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