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Marijuana plants at Gardette, Dennery destroyed

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The marijuana plantation. * Photo provided by RSLPF

On Saturday, December 23, 2012, officers attached to the Richfond Police Station conducted an eradication exercise on a marijuana plantation at Gardette, Dennery.

A total of 1,776 fully grown marijuana plants were destroyed.

No one was arrested in relation to this exercise.

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  2. The US has unmanned aircrafts over the Caribbean and what they see and say...goes! It's all about American interests. But I also credit them for stopping much cocaine from coming through the islands like the recent submarine they caught.

  3. they smoke it , they didnt destroy it

  4. we keep complaining that we dont have money and we are naive about marijuana, other countries are legalizing it and we are the idiots burning it, think of it compare the cost of 1pound of bananas as compared to 1 pound of marijuana. By the way start growing marijuana see if the island will have enough rooms for tourist, dont believe me check out tourism arrivals in Amerstadam. Too much tunel vision in this county,smh.

  5. On less Ganja farmer out of business. Good news. I guess no money in hand this Christmas.

    Praise Jah. LOL


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