CARIBBEAN: “Marijuana can be alternate cash crop to banana” – PM Gonsalves

CARIBBEAN: “Marijuana can be alternate cash crop to banana” – PM Gonsalves

Obama Admin. Unveils New Policy Easing Medical Marijuana ProsecutionsTELESUR TV – Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves on Wednesday said marijuana would be a suitable alternative cash crop to bananas for Caribbean countries, adding that five decades of commercial banana production has left many islands in the region in conditions of disaster.

“The upshot of the banana sector has been deforestation, erosion of the hills and valleys … it has been going on for nearly 50 years with bananas. So that when the rains come and you have flooding, the land gets washed away into the river. Trees themselves get dug out and they block up the rivers, mash up the bridges, destroy homes. And they kill people,” he said.

He told a major university forum in Barbados that it is time for the Caribbean to conduct serious research on marijuana as a viable commercial product, a statement that caused a positive reaction across the region, including in Saint Lucia, where residents have said his suggestion has merit.

“I feel, trust me, there will be more to export than the bananas, because you have more youth in the ghettos who will be happy to plant it, to sell it. The banana will not really sell fast like the marijuana,” said Saint Lucian chef, Valentine Clement James.

The Director of the Caribbean Drug and Alcohol Research Institute Marcus Day said it is time to give serious consideration to the economic benefits of marijuana.

“I think that we are being very shortsighted in our cannabis policy; our drug policy. I also think that looking at all the science that’s been revealed recently, there are not many downsides to using cannabis and there are much more benefits in terms of therapeutic use. So I think that it’s about time that we move into the 21st century and stop this prohibition that has caused much pain on a lot of people,” he stated.



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  1. send Kenny a memo, this guy is just bent on never legalizing the plant....we can be an international supply of the stuff....THINK PEOPLE....THINK....we can still manage its output....and regulate it...if thats ur main concern.


    • Don't be so narrow minded, JA is known to produce a high-grade herb as well.

      Let's not miss the boat on this one, the economic benefits for the islands are phenomenal.

      The Pros far out way any presumed Cons!


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