Marijuana and alcohol filled brownies discovered at school

* Not the actual brownie.

* Not the actual brownie.

Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of brownies which are believed to contain marijuana and alcohol at a secondary school in the North of the island.

Leading the investigation is the Community Relations Branch (CRB) of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) which said 17 brownies were discovered in a store room, hidden among old furniture.

The brownies were discovered following a random search conducted by the police at the school during February of this year. The search was conducted based on the advice of the principal.

Corporal Ted King told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that four students have admitted to knowing about the brownies and said they indeed contain marijuana and alcohol.

One of the students admitted to owning the brownies and identified the three others as persons recruited to help with the sale of these eatables within the school.

All four students involved in this incident underwent drug tests, but the results returned negative. They were however sent for counseling and are said to be doing well.

Meanwhile, the brownies will have to be tested to determine that it contained both marijuana and alcohol. But King told SNO that this process could take a few months.

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  1. Its about time they stop harassing people about marijuana. Its a herb, its medication and its a form of bringing much needed monies to the country, if we export. We have lots of marijuana farms on island being destroyed by police. Its time to stop this.

  2. The only way that St. Lucians are gonna accept marijuana is if Kenny burn a joint on platform. Thats how stupid they are and how much trust they have in politicians and their parties. A bus hitting them, they die and all, they will still try to convince god that it was a bicycle. Them people eh ready yet to take any step to their development all what they want to be involve with is how to further their party interest and put others to shame. Tomorrow will be a different day when this present generation of adults are gone.

  3. Kids should not be involved in the use of intoxicating stimulants. However, it shows how our country with this generation of adults in charge, has stagnated. The kids have taken the lead in an enterprise where our so called "best brains" are either too coward or uneducated to venture. If shop owners and bar owners are sensitized and the law enforced it would become easier for kids to obtain marijuana than alcohol. This is because since alcohol is legal the sale of it could be regulated just like medication. However with ganja, its illegality makes it available to all. St. Lucians wisen up, all the educated people including our own doctors are tell you to legalize it. Why waste out time and resources to police it when we can make a ton of money by regulating it? That discriminating behavior against ganja is just in our heads. Note that it is only the adults who share this outdated perception. Granted that its use may not be for everyone, but this also applies to all stimulants including, alcohol, tobacco, viagra and bois bande. Don't let it be that your children have to prove that they are wiser than you. Update yourself with what is happening in the world, do you know that there is something called the internet? Bet some of you knew.

  4. good ideas but a little to soon guys the main ingredient has not been decriminalized as yet. i guess they were trying to get an early start on the market. by the way try not selling it at school someones always gonna tell on you. heads up to our young entrepreneurs i hope its noted that they were not using the product themselves.

  5. This has been going on for years now only now the police finding out........lmao

  6. Lol smart children, but dumb at the same time, why wud u admit? Unless they actually saw you put it there.

  7. How is weed a disturbing development? That's the thing with you'll people the goverments around the world quick to legalize harmful products to the human but would "think " not to legalize thr harmless. Before you'll talk you'll crap about weed do your research how many people have from smoking weed? How many cancer patients is there due to weed ? The answer is none How many lives marijuana has saved many! So Before you'll start talking shit about the herb ... read !

  8. I have a few observations. Great that the kids are business minded but too bad they had to use criminal means to create their business. It's a shame young children have to resort to dealing drugs to make a buck. This puts them in harms way at an early age. I'm personally not against consumption of Marijuana by responsible adults. I'm against the sale and use of the drug by young children. Marijuana by nature is not a harmful drug however the drug business is very dangerous especially for children. Imagine which shady supplier they had to deal with to get their raw materials. Now that their product is confiscated will they face repercussions from their dealer for the lost business or unpaid debt? Kids stay away from the drug is too dangerous.

    Another point, why does it take so long to get the results of a scientific lab test in St Lucia? Months ?! The world's technologies is developing at such a rapid rate. I can reach millions with my comment without having to step out of my bedroom. Why does every process conducted by the government have to take forever like we are still in the 1800s before the telephone was invented? Mediocrity is a shameful sin of our people which is the modus operandi of our Government .

    Maybe that's why kids have to sell illegal brownies because they have no faith in our government to create jobs for when they graduate.

  9. Wow , finally the police force is catching on. That has been going on since I went to school.

  10. I am shocked that students would take to such an activity. At university I remember a student died from weed cookies, a medical student at that. This is not something we should trivialize, This is a very serious and dangerous practice. Lord put a hand, an arm and a leg too !!!!!

    • Do you know the amount of weed someone would have to consume to overdose on weed.. That guy didnt die from the weed he died from something else

    • Do you know the amount of weed someone would have to consume to overdose on weed.. That guy didnt die from the weed he died from something else

  11. Since February it just made the news and the brownies STILL has not been!! la corbs any idea when the lab will be open for testing?????????

  12. Kids in big people business ! Take your time to grow !

  13. Imagine that, from February and only now making news??SMH!
    A few years ago, I was told about a barbershop in the north where
    these are sold.How about that??

  14. Is this what they mean by "HIGH" School ?

  15. Good business sense but wrong product. Next time try cup cakes or mini cheese cakes my illegal ingredients though

  16. weed make me fly without vissaaa

  17. Its like the movie "Super Bad".

  18. These children are smart. Wow.

  19. I was a youth at one point in my life....and NO I was never curious. ?????? stupid advice to let them learn about such from experience. in situations like these you let them learn vicariously. observe what happened to others who did it....smh. We parents need to prepare our children's minds tor people like you who tell them it's ok to be curious and try it chpz

  20. you ain't see nothin yet, wait till this thing is decriminalize.

    • Yeah man, then all d idiots that hate weed will see how much it can help the country, especially when it comes to boosting the economy

      • I think you misunderstood me 🙂 ... when and if it gets decriminalized I think it will create 1st world challenges for our developing world nation.

  21. let the kids have fun with the up the herb

  22. Madness alone in that country

  23. Too much TV!


    • but what makes it so disturbing, i mean better they eat it experience what they were curious about in a non habit forming way. Instead of smoking it and damaging there bodies with harmful toxins and risking their reputations in the system and please don't say they shouldn't get curious because i know you were a youth at one time in your life.


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