Marigot Beach Vendors Association wants amicable solution to issue with hotels

Marigot Beach Vendors Association wants amicable solution to issue with hotels
Susan Beckwith
Susan Beckwith
Susan Beckwith

The Marigot Beach Vendors Association (MBVA) is seeking to have a meeting with all stakeholders to address the issue between its members and hotels in the area.

President of the association Susan Beckwith said the MBVA was surprised by the information appearing in a hotel magazine, warning tourists not to speak with vendors on the Marigot Beach.

Beckwith told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Tuesday, December 15 that they are looking to have a meeting to get the issue amicably resolved.

The MBVA has written the National Conservation Authority (NCA) and is awaiting a response. They also had a meeting with the Marigot Development Committee (MDC) on the same issue.

“We want to do all the right things and work with the local community. But we have these hotels against us and that is causing a lot of problems. All we want to do is make the tourists happy and make our money at the end of the day whether it be hotel or vendors,” Beckwith told SNO.

The hotel magazine said it is unable to limit or control how many vendors are on the beach and encourages its guests not to enter into any transaction with the vendors because they are all unlicensed.

But Beckwith has defended her members stating that at least half of the 20 members of the association have received licence to operate at the beach by the NCA. These licenses were issued in October this year.

Beckwith said these include vending licenses for: food and drink, water sport and souvenirs and handicraft vendors. She said the MBVA is working to have the rest of its members properly licensed.

“We work very closely with the local police, the MDC, the NCA and other government entities,” she explained.

Beckwith told SNO that she is looking at funding toilets, while another member is looking to erect vending huts to improve the customer service experience.

“We want to work with the hotels and make Marigot a good destination. We don’t want to feel pushed out by these people and looked down upon,” she asserted.

Meanwhile, a source at the beach claims that the hotels are working closely and are trying to “buy over” the beach, so that their guests could be properly accommodated there.

The source told SNO that a vendor was offered a deal by one of the hotels and despite it would have worked out to be very profitable; he turned it down and opted to manage his own small business.

The hotel through its magazine has advice its guests on the prices for bananas and coconuts.

The guests were also advised not to eat at any of the vending huts, stating that they have no sanitation, no tap water for cleaning food and no sanitation for washing hands.

It was confirmed with the NCA that 10 Marigot beach vendors are licence to operate.


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  1. There is 2 sides of the story some people allegedely sells drugs they steal the same guess cameras they disrespect the guess the same vendors fight each other over beach chairs our people fight each other not realising they are fighting them selves now the hotels cannot take again cause they are loosing clients which the same vendors need


  2. Its funny how the owner of teh hotel is ..... these lucians to stupid and they will always be in the darkness whilst foreigners come in and tell them what to do as usual in their own country and hand them the usual scraps and they keep minding each other business putting them down... mean while no forward thinking lucian can come up with a plan that will secure their hold in the ground for most of them to benefit instead of the foreigners.... oh well I guess its business as usual


    • Saint Lucians love to be told what to do. They took that with them from Africa. It is in the blood. No other country in the Caribbean has this history of such ignorance. None whatsoever! See how they chose slavery instead of freedom. The choice made was between serving French instead of British slave masters.

      Today it is much the same. Both Kenny and Ti Chas have maid and hotel luggage carriers in mind for our sons and daughter for years into the next century.

      Ti Chas says bring in more tourists. Kenny says build more hotels for tourists, even if that means we have to give the investors Black Bay worth US $86 million and give to Frenwell another $48 million to do so.

      The local newspaper reported that this country is overrun with thousands of idiots. From what I see, there is no argument against that.


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