Marigot Bay Creole Heritage Month

Marigot Bay Creole Heritage Month
Minister Lewis
Minister Lewis

Thursday, October 04, 2012 – Collaborative efforts at celebrating Saint Lucia’s rich cultural heritage was demonstrated as the residents of Marigot Bay launched its first creole heritage month, Wednesday October 3rd, 2012.

Fostering a better life and providing opportunities geared at generating an income in this tough economic climate is the aim of this endeavor.

President of the Marigot Bay Development Committee Nicholas Mark explains that the Committee is striving to ensure that the creole festival grows and becomes a thriving event in the community. Further, he notes that although it is demanding and challenging, it takes the perseverance of community members and support from the government and private sector.

Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East,  Dr.  Robert Lewis voiced his appreciation towards the empowered youth of Marigot for undertaking this bold initiative.

“I think it is wonderful opportunity for Marigot to build the community spirit. This is an excellent opportunity for all the people of Marigot to come together and to build that community spirit which will allow them to become a closer and neat community. This is an excellent opportunity for Marigot to continue to showcase its beauty and to showcase the potential that there is in Marigot. I also think that it is an opportunity for even the members of the Marigot Bay Business Association, to come in with the organizing committee of the heritage month, to make Marigot a little more visible especially in the very early month of the new tourist season 2012-2013.”

Dr. Lewis urged all Saint Lucians to come celebrate with Marigot, witness the beauty of the community and experience the hospitality of the people.

Highlights of the Creole Heritage Month in Marigot  will include creole cookout, creole sound clash, water sports day, domino competition, kweyol celebration and Hero’s night to honor the sportsmen, folk persons, in the community. Participants will have  the opportunity to contribute towards the development of Marigot Bay.


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