Marchand River Stabilization Project set to start soon

Marchand River Stabilization Project set to start soon

01b12eee-dfde-4d1f-b589-16ac872ee31dPRESS RELEASE – Residents whose homes are located along the Marchand River can look forward to even more relief from flooding and land slippage as a new component of the Marchand River Protection Project, a component of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Program (DVRP) is about to commence.

On Wednesday 30th March 2016, contracts for four retaining walls were signed at a special ceremony held at the Entrepot Playing Field.

Speaking at the Contract Signing Ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport and Parliamentary Representative for Castries East, Hon. Philip J. Pierre spoke very passionately about this project and what it means for the land owners and residents who will likely see a reduction in flooding and have protection from other Natural Hazards.

Hon. Pierre noted that this project compliments the ongoing Public Sanitation Facility currently under construction in the George Charles Boulevard, stating that these projects are meant to improve the living conditions of his constituents, thus ensuring that they are afforded an opportunity to live full and productive lives.



Hon. Pierre recalled that ahead of the 2011 Election cycle, he promised the residents of George Charles Boulevard that if he was elected, he would provide a Public Sanitation Facility and protection from flooding, and is very pleased that he has been able to deliver on these promises.

The Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Allison A. Jean said that this latest phase of works will cause the construction of a continuous wall from the Entrepot Bridge to the Marchand Bridge, in keeping with the Philosophy of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport of “Building Back Better.” She appealed to residents that while the Government is investing heavily in constructing these walls, it was incumbent on the residents who live near the river to dispose of their solid waste properly, as proper disposal of waste would help further reduce the possibility of flooding.

In this new phase of the programme four (4) retaining walls will be built and or rehabilitated, at a cost of EC$732,197.55. Overall a total of fourteen (14) retaining walls and two drains will be constructed at an expected of approximately USD$2.5 Million. This phase of works is funded by the World Bank under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP). The works were awarded through a Tender process.


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  1. Only in election time but we know how st lucians stupid already to fall for these political tricks.for 5years the get a full pocket monthly salary but on the other hand they do for the people in the year of elections.why didn't u start it as soon as you came in power? Here we have the pm who promised a referendum to leave the eu if he was reelected and he has worked towards it even before a year has passed after he was reelected


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