Marchand residents blame gang war for recent shootings, homicide

Marchand residents blame gang war for recent shootings, homicide

gangssoufriereResidents of Marchand, Castries believe a gang violence has erupted in their community following at least three shootings, including one fatal, in the community since Sunday.

In an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), several residents, who prefer not to disclose their names out of fear for their safety, called on the authorities to place a curfew on the community as well as “24-7 consistent” police patrols to prevent further bloodshed.

Kimbert Lynch of Black Mallet, Marchand was fatally shot on Sunday, May 14, 2017. There have been at least two shootings since.
Kimbert Lynch of Black Mallet, Marchand was fatally shot on Sunday, May 14, 2017. There have been at least two shootings since.

Unofficial reports are that a male was hospitalised following a shooting in Black Mallet, Marchand after 8 p.m. Thursday (May 18, 2017) – the third such incident within five days.

Less than 24 hours ago, around midnight, another male was wounded during gunfire, and on Sunday (May 14) two males were shot with one – 22-year-old Kimbert Lynch – succumbing to his injuries while being treated at Victoria Hospital.

“Everyone knows who shot Kimbert and it hasn’t ended,” one resident told SNO. “The police need to do a better job because more going to die.”

Another resident said the war is believed to be between a small gang and a larger, more organised gang – both from Castries inner-city communities.

“We the residents are in constant danger,” the resident said, adding that the criminals will strike anytime of the day.

“They killed Kimbert in the daytime. No one is safe,” the resident pointed out.

Residents believe that sooner or later persons not directly involved in the war will become targets.

“When the criminals can’t get each other, it could be your brother, sister, niece or young children. This needs to stop,” one resident said. “We need 24-7 consistent police presence.”

However, a police official, who prefers to remain anonyous, told SNO that despite the public outcry, residents are not willing to go on record to give evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“They know the criminals. They eat, sleep and drink with them, but they won’t cooperate with the police. We can only do so much with the limited resources we have at our disposal. We can’t just arrest people based on hearsay. We need hard evidence and we need solid witnesses – people willing to testify in court,” the official said.



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  1. Sure!! Yall don't arrest people based on hearsay. If you looking for a joke just look at St.Lucia's justice system.


  2. Why call the police now for help. We make a mockery of the police call them all types of names, have no respect for them, have no respect for authority. Now things getting hot, is where de police.why don't you'll call on God in stead. What's happening in Marchand is nothing unusual, it's just a repeated decimal. There will be break and then it starts all over again.i saw a sign on a building recently which reads - Marchand is not a Getto. Great stuff, but there are some real bad eggs not from the Marchand doing mischief, these guys need to be monitored and have them out of the area. If this continues like I said earlier. Bypasses including the innocent child will get caught up in this thing.Interestingly have you heard Phillip J. Pierre say anything on the situation. No, ask yourself why. Politics.have you heard anyone from the opposition say anything.No..ask yourself why. what they expect the killing in Marchand will bring down the government. No. What wil happen we all sinking in the same boat including those playing politics, including those doing the shooting, including those giving that situation a blind eye. May God bless our country.


  3. When the police do their Jobs you complain so take what you get! Call Mary Francis to help you guys. She is Police, Jury and judge. Call her for help!!


  4. SLP your stronghold is a hotbed of senseless and wanton violence. You never had anything positive for those young people. They have turned to violence preying upon their neighbours as would remorseless wild animals, without a conscience. That's SLP for you.


  5. == people please do not blame the police. The security minister , the police chief and your justice system is to blame. If they are not up to the task they should resign , but do not let the people live in fear do something to stop those drug fools.


  6. Form a circular firing squad and idiots get rid of each other. The last man standing can sell all the drugs. Then RIP. Return if possible. Pieces of ...Go to hell you pieces of ...


  7. Anon, i agree with you Pierre was giving them ply wood to build shacks all about the place they don't even own land. They terrorizing the land & house owners everyday just so you can leave the areas so their outside friends can come and leave there to create havoc with them.


  8. Anon, i agree with you Pierre was giving them ply wood to build shacks all about the place they don't even own land. They terrorizing the land & house owners everyday just so you can leave the areas so their outside friends can come and leave there to create havoc with them.


  9. Police official can you blame the the residence for not wanting to testify. Am sure the police knows the members of these gangs involved and they know police too 🙂 We need to clean up our police force then we will be able to get the public on their side.


  10. Inadequate police work, A bunch of Jockers allowing teens to take over our beautiful city. Corrupt politicians who only cares about aligning their pockets with wealth and broken promises. No wonder Lucia is in the worse state it's ever been. Try taking an evening walk through the city, what a shame. Thought the cops Job was to serve and protect. Think again.


  11. Philip Pierre and the SLP raised these youth with their 'malaway' freeness.
    They encouraged the laziness and weed smoking to get votes and abandoned Christian values and personal responsibility.
    Those people talking about gangs as if gangs do not come from the community. You have gangs because that is how you and the SLP raised these young women and men.
    You and the SLP and Pierre over the past 20 years abandoned decency and values and morals and you reap what you sow.
    Get real!


  12. St. Lucian police are hands down lazy and useless in most cases. To them their job is just a salary at the end of the month and could care less with public safety. If we had effective policing in this tiny country of ours, the crime situation would not be so blatant.


  13. Operation Restore Confidence needs to come back to the fore. I remember all too well how the senseless killings stopped when it was on progress and several months afterwards.

    The government needs to stop the dirty politicking with the ridiculous witch hunt of police who were part of the operation and put relevant measures in place for safety of the nation.


    • You are asking for for a moral panic. Last time we tried this see where it brought us. In fact it has not finished playing out yet. I don't agree with you.


  14. Just the cycle of life in up north. It's nothing new . Continue to shoot up each other . Government after government not doing nutting. Police carry out operation, those same residents bashing the police. Take what you all get . Nonsense.


    • I thought Chastanet and Mondesir likened Vieux-Fort to a ghetto. Why is the so called development in the north led to so much crime. Check the statistics of crime occuring in the North and South of the island.


  15. Oh my God I'm in London and reading this online. My country is getting worst and I was once thinking of bringing my family here to live. What is wrong with our youths. The system is failing us. I'm all in London and I heard who did the shooting because the person is someone I held as a baby in Castries East or South East. Teenagers again that is what killing me.


  16. When you talk to the police. The same criminals find out you were the one who told them. The police need to get their act together and do some old school traditional police work. and why are our police so backwards where is the intelligent policing.


    • one trusts the police.....they feel safer in giving the criminals info than the police
      The Police dont act on poor ppl complaints in the same manner they act when rich ppl make a report


    • Off course they will find's their right to know who the witness will be against them...unfortunately disclosure on a defendant is the law


    • Do you think it is the grade A students who go on to become police officers? No. Grade A students become such because of discipline and work ethic. It is the grade C & D students who go on to become police officers. Grade C & D students are such because they lack the discipline and work ethic. Unless the force attracts better employees it will be a mess. Will they ever attract better employees? No. As the upper echelons of the Police force is occupied by the same grade c & d students who lack discipline and work ethic. Furthermore they will feel threatened by the grade A students.


  17. Yooo to the hell wit the police.just do someting bout it.......bring back the old system of doin things.the plice can prevent it they jus lazy.i dont even kno wat to say.God alone knows


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