Marchand community honours its 36th Mother of the Year

Marchand community honours its 36th Mother of the Year


The Marchand community over the weekend honored it ‘s 36th Mother of the Year.

The Marchand Women’s League chose a 69- year- old housewife and mother of five, with 17 and three great grandchildren, Mrs.Lesnie Louisa-Gill.

Louisa-Gill has been a member of the Marchand Women’s League for over 25 years.

The devout catholic woman speaking to members of the press after the honoring ceremony said” by the grace of God I have raised my children in the fear of God to the best of my abilities and I will urge young mothers to do the same. Never give up on your children , no matter what, and with the help of God,they will be good citizen and make you proud.With God all things are possible” Leanie added.

Parliamentary representative for Castries East,Philip J.Pierre in addressing the gathering said “ I think Mrs. Gill is a fitting person worthy of this honor.There are people who go about their daily lives with no fanfare, no media coverage,but they make vey meaningful contribution to the community and Mrs. Gill is one of them”.



Referring to the upcoming general elections and the Jazz Festival with a broad smile on his face, the forth term Parliamentary representative went on to say:“I have been attending this ceremony for almost 20 years now, even when I was minister of tourism. No Jazz has stopped me from coming to celebrate with you, so I hope that I will have the privilege through the people of this constituency, to return here on many other occasions to honor many more mothers in this constituency”.

The Marchand Women’s League also elected a new president in the person of Mrs. Paula Charles , replacing Mrs.Monica Alcide who has served for over 20 years.


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  1. For a moment the man cannot leave politics out of what should be a clean social community event.

    There the man is there campaigning for votes. Ah Pierre that says a lot about your sincerity and your agenda.


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