Manmay La Kay gets Washington gig

Manmay La Kay gets Washington gig

PRESS RELEASE – The Manmay La Kay Folk Band of St. Lucia will be representing St. Lucia at a Violin Festival in Seattle, Washington scheduled for June 29 to July 8, 2014.

The group was highly recommended by the Centrum Foundation in Seattle, Washington, the host of the event.

Violinists from around the USA will be in attendance.

Augustin “Charlie” Julian, the local band leader explains that a participant in the US-based festival had bought one of the band’s CD’s while here in St. Lucia and on hearing the music loved it and decided to share it with his friends. They in turn “got to like the type of folk music we play, which they have never heard before. They felt that this type of music should be part of their festival.”

Manmay La Kay Folk Band while in the US will conduct a workshop with a group of young children who are expected to participate in the festival.

All expenses for the 11- day trip will be covered by the Centrum Foundation.

The Cultural Development Foundation and by extension the people of St. Lucia wish Manmay la Kay all the best on this trip and in all their future endeavours.



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  1. It's good to know that 'Manmay La Kay Folk band of ST.LUCIA played violin Festival in Seatle.
    You are Great. Happy. Good luck M.Julian-M.Papius-M.Lucas... and the group.


  2. Someday someone will hear you all again and nominate you for St. Lucia Grammy Awards. This group always brings it down good, I listen to them at the PMs residence and boy, hat was a performance which is unmatched anywhere. Washington will soon agree. Go Papius go, good luck to the group members.


  3. My cousin Augustin Papius will be on the move ...I am so proud of you and the group. Mr Wellings, Mr Marquis and the rest of you go out there and perform to your best. Make Saint Lucian proud


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