Mangal responds to Henry: Forestierre Development Project got DCA approval

Mangal responds to Henry: Forestierre Development Project got DCA approval
Henry (left) and Mangal.
Henry (left) and Mangal.

Chairman of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) Timothy Mangal has denied suggestions by Opposition Senator Joachim Henry that works at the controversial Forestierre Development Project had begun without approval from the Development Control Authority (DCA).

Earlier this week, Henry had called on government to release information about whether the project had started in absence of DCA approval. According to his indications, approval was only granted for the ceremony of the project.

But the NHC chairman showed reporters documents dated Febraury 24, 2016 which appeared to point to approval being granted.

“This approval constitutes permission to commence development and also it expires one year thereafter which would have been, if work did not start, it would have expired in 2017. So clearly, I must reiterate that the point raised by Joachim Henry is pure fabrication. In fact, he has said a lie and clearly we have provided the evidence that we have approval from the Development Control Authority to carry out the Forestierre Development Project.

“… And this shows you that Mr. Joachim Henry has been very careless and is actually just being malicious in trying to say that this project does not have DCA approval. He went further and speculating, and the reason he went further is pure mischief… to try to degrade and to take away from the achievements of this government and of the National Housing Corporation.”

Recently the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) issued a press release asking for answers from government regarding the award of contract for the project to Fresh Start.

The SLP had asked for information concerning the terms of that contract including whether due diligence was performed before granting the award.


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  1. OMG. Joachim should keep quiet, cause most of his SSDF projects did not have DCA approval prior to commencing. SMH. Joachim, y not try to justify the 600,000 for a changing room at Marigot and the consultancy your company was pd to supervise. SMBH. Is the project not completed within time, scope and cost? This constitutes a successful project, Joachim. As a QS you should know that.


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