Manage your accounts; manage your time with MyLIME!

Manage your accounts; manage your time with MyLIME!

PRESS RELEASE – Ever since LIME introduced its MyLIME web portal, LIME customers have been finding it much easier to pay their bills online and check the status of their accounts.

The MyLIME portal helps customers save time by gaining immediate, secure access to their LIME bills and service accounts 24 hours a day.

You can view, download and pay your bill in seconds without waiting in line or being put on hold on the telephone. Accounts are updated immediately, providing customers with instant and timely information.

As part of continuing efforts to improve all of its customer touch points, LIME has added some new features to MyLIME to further enhance its functionality.

From your ‘My Accounts’ page, you can now view your e-bills in PDF, text or CSV format and use the ‘Pay’ button to quickly pay your bills online. The ‘View Bills’ page now shows a ‘PAID’ image if the bill reference has been cleared.

Customers also have the option to download a text version of their bill. You can also download unbilled information in a CSV format from the View Bills page.

With MyLIME, customers can get a bill summary for each of their service accounts.

Business customers with a large number of accounts will now have speedier access to their list of accounts as they can now display 10 accounts per page. This significantly improves page loading time.

Additionally, MyLIME now makes it easier for customers to search for specific service accounts that are already linked to their user profile.

This provides quick retrieval for a user with accounts spanning multiple pages. Customers can also link their service accounts to their primary email addresses.

“The latest improvements to MyLIME speak to our commitment to enhancing customer experience across our range of services,” said Joanna Marius, Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience. “Signing up on MyLIME means our customers can go paperless. Less paper means fewer trees cut, a greener environment and less clutter. We encourage customers to register for a MyLIME account to enjoy easier and quicker service and help support global efforts to preserve the environment.”


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