Man wins lotto twice in one day


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(NEWS.AU) – A Queensland, Australian man has managed to win the lottery twice in just one day.

The man, in his 40s, held two of the four winning entries across Australia in Saturday’s Gold Lotto from Oct. 13. The Gold Lotto is a national lottery in Australia where six numbers and two supplementary numbers are picked at random out of 40.

With each winning entry taking home a prize of $709,196, it meant the man raked in more than $1.41 million ($1.98 million in Australian dollars).

Better yet, he purchased his two identical entries by “accident.”

The Sunshine Coast man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he mistakenly bought two separate entries using his favorite numbers.

When a Golden Casket official contacted him on Monday, he was already celebrating — but hadn’t realized he actually won twice.

His reaction was warranted.

“Holy f–k. Two? Two? Oh my god. I’ve got double that win?” he yelled.

“So I’ve got more than $1.98 million? Mate, you’re kidding me, you are kidding me.”

“This is f–king intense.”

The man admitted he often doubles up on tickets.

“I’ve done it a few times now. I buy entries in advance, but then sometimes overlap when I get the next one.”

He explained both winning entries featured numbers that were special to him.

“I’ve been playing these numbers a long time — they’re my favorite numbers. I’m superstitious. If I’m going to play, I have to play those numbers.”

While he had already begun contemplating how he might use his windfall, the winner confessed those plans would now change following the revelation he was a double winner.

“Twice. Yeah, this has changed the whole picture,” he said. “Will I quit my job? This is a distinct possibility. This just puts us ahead of the game.”

“I’m going to cry. I need to ring my mom and dad. With this, I can do something for them.”

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