Man wanted for brother’s murder captured by police

Man wanted for brother’s murder captured by police
Handcuffed Prisoner
Handcuffed Prisoner

Close to two months after police had issued an appeal for the suspect in the La Croix shooting to turn himself in, law enforcement officials captured him on Thursday.

Reports are that Cletus Mitchell, who police said was considered armed and dangerous, was arrested at a bar at La Ressource, Vieux Fort, and did not put up any resistance.

Mitchell was wanted by police in connection with the shooting death of his older brother, Sebastien Mitchell, 42, who was shot at La Croix Maingot on Saturday, March 5.

The murder accused is likely to be charged soon.


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  1. they said they got him in a bar smh criminals really happy in saint lucia . nothing strange he rob somebody house in vieux fort and was having a good time blasting the money getting drunk which is what he normally those after breaking people house. every time he does something is his sister that bailing him out i want to know if she will situwe his vice this time again making him look like a little saint finishing all yall money yall dont even have


  2. Come on now,you mean that saint lucia is so big,that a man who everyone knew committed a murder was walking around about his business for almost two months before being caught, saint lucias' law enforcement is a joke. It's a damn shame


  3. It was about high time vieux voler. you lucky the police didn't shoot you , i hope he goes inside for a very long time .watch all where he ran and hide vieux fort, that is why people those say is people they don't know and they from far areas that coming and do crime in their community. Me the police I wasn't holding him yet I was following him to see in whose house he was staying and arrest and charge the owner for aidding and abetting a criminal cause for two months you had to be eating somewhere eh


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