Man suspected of committing suicide in Agard appeared “depressed” sometimes, residents say

Man suspected of committing suicide in Agard appeared “depressed” sometimes, residents say

(SNO) — Police are investigating the suspected suicide of Agard resident James Antoine.

Reports are that Antoine, a middle-aged father of four, originally from Millet, was found hanging from a tree at his residence around 6 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 11.

Residents, speaking on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online that Antoine showed signs of depression following release from jail recently.

“He wasn’t himself, he seemed depressed sometimes but he’s a man who will drink his rum and look irie next day, but we never expect this. He was an irie fella but apparently he couldn’t get himself back on track,” one resident told our newsroom.

Another claimed that Antoine was always helping out whenever called on, and it is “sad that there was no one there for him when he most needed them”.

“Depression is no joke and the rum bottle won’t wash it away. Very sad,” the resident added.

A post-mortem to confirm the exact cause of death may take place later this week, according to sources.


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  1. For a man to take his own life shows that he reached the end of his rope,
    couldn't take it no more. Depression is a hell of an affliction, and not even the
    experts and Doctors sometime can even help. I'm a member of a group who visit
    homes for the ones afflicted with various forms of birth defects; some have parents
    who visit them, but most were left to the authorities from birth. The experience of these
    visits will test, first, your love and secondly, your patience. It takes one with a hardened
    and tried spirit to spend just a few hours each week with the kids born without a mind, without
    love, legs, hands and I can go on. When one takes his life, just thank God it was not one of yours.
    Today find someone to hug. Visit the sick, offer companionship, tell them God loves them & U too.


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