Man stabbed on bus while heading to political rally

Man stabbed on bus while heading to political rally

A man in his early 20’s was stabbed while in a bus heading to Micoud North, for the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) political rally held on Sunday.

Reports are that a man, identified as Imbert (only name given), attacked a man by the name of Marcus, when the bus filled with SLP supporters got to Dernière Rivière, Dennery, but Marcus retaliated by stabbing Imbert.

“SSU turned the bus back to Faux a Chaud, and it never made it to the meeting. The fighting continued among them after the bus dropped them off,” a source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday.

The Richfond Police Station confirmed receiving the report, but could not provide any details regarding the incident, as the investigating officer is currently off-duty.

An opposition United Workers Party (UWP) official told SNO: “They also tried to engage us all the way down, but we have warned our people to remain focused. They also blocked the road.”

The injured man spent the night at hospital and was released around 11:00 a.m. (Monday).


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  1. St lucians. We need. To. Pray that god will guide us to do the right decision in voting. And on that day he will be present
    God will be the elector let us leave it up to god let us pray for the nation also


  2. It appears that we no longer have political parties???? It appears it's gangs we have, you can't wear yellow around SLP supporters and you can't wear red among UWP supporters.


  3. Two SLP supporters attacked each other... where is UWP coming in ??? Read to understand. It's a basic comprehension skill.


  4. You see what is well known?!

    Labour supporters are 'stereotypically' boisterous, antagonistic, rorocious and gullible. They have RED the article, and are REDDY to jump on the UWP supporters! Such an occurrence is in line with the deliberate acts of the current crop of labour politicians - who have consistently blamed the previous UWP government officials for everything negative in this country!

    So go ahead, do not read to understand and be makaks about all things political!


  5. I tell u that thing is getting to rediculous ,I was in town I had on a yellow vest it had no picture no name nothing on it regards to no party...a woman come.from no where started to make a big show move that top on u yellow this yellow that..come on no are u serious


  6. The date selected for the election date is already biting SLP's backside. Much more is to follow. This was as bizarre as the end of one of the endings of the episodes on the "Game of Thrones" DVDs called quite fittingly, "The Red Wedding".

    Copy-cat SLP just had one. Those who thought that the red SLP amounted to something, now know that most of the characters in there have only just a veneer of civility and modernity. And while some were thinking that those SLP characters were sophisticated. Boy, these past few years most definitely prove that you can take the bookie out of the country, but you can never never take the country out of some bookies.


  7. And these are the same people who will be going to the polls on election day to choose a Government. They cannot even control themselves among their own camp. Labour will always be labour


  8. Was the Commissioner of police caught with his pants down ? is a question i would like to ask this ought not to be as he has to be on the ball,from the moment the Prime Minister called the date of election he ought to have called an emergency meeting the following morning discussing plans for professional traffic management .

    First to begin there is no reason why both parties had to have there motorcades heading to Micoud this where the Commissioner had to step in he ought to have advise both political leaders of having there launching on either end of the island ,lets say Vieux Forth and Gros Islet the motorcade heading to Gros Islet would use the west cost road and the motorcade to Vieux Fort the west coast road a time factor would have to be considered thereby there would be no clashing of parties and that wold have put less strain on the police resources

    There ought to be no stabbing or criminal behavior ,the commissioner of Police should be held liable .


    • Solo Apple J.... points to note...
      The commissioner cannot dictate to a political party when or where to have their meetings. All he can do is provide his men with the tools to manage the traffic as best they can. And if their advice is not adhered to, organised chaos ensues
      The commissioner is not responsible for the time both parties decided to proceed down the road. UWP started out having an organised despatch of their candidates and entourage, in that one would despatch every 15 minutes to free up traffic congestion, and allow motorists not involved in the motorcade a chance to go about their own business. The SLP camp on the other hand, wanted a show of unity and decided to have everyone leaving together, or meeting together at specific places. Put together, this is a recipe for organised chaos.
      Once again, the commissioner is not to be help responsible for the idiocy of people of the same camp who cannot control themselves. How is he going to predict that there would be a fight/stabbing incident? Did you give him a crystal ball?
      And FYI... when the election date was announced, where was the commissioner? How was he able to convene an emergency meeting? Research is a wonderful thing.
      Lastly, whatever personal issue you MAY have with the commissioner, you might want to take it up in a manner that favours you more. This does nothing but make you look bitter and angry at a man who has most likely done nothing to you.


  9. Sadly these parties will just work for themselves and their friends, while these idiots fight each other over them. Is just reality.


    • see what i keep saying, Lucians are pathetic, gullible fools. which politician you hearing fighting with any other politician from the opposition'll in for another 5 years of crying of unemployment, crime, juke bois making the illiterate more illiterate ,taxes making you spend more than you can save and hard life no matter which color, which set OF POLITICIANS, no matter what sir name they have and how nice it sounds and looks on paper.


  10. at the end of the day whoever wins SLP or UWP we still under them. pure ignorance fighting against each other for what. know wonder the country in that state , politican taking advantage of our ignorance . smfh


  11. I read the article and from what I understand, both men were on the bus going to an SLP rally. Please correct me if I am wrong. Where is UWP causing chaos in that. Let's give jack his jacket. St.lucians read and try to understand what you read. Our future depends on the positive, the truth.





  13. Those political parties are the worst thing that can happen in uneducated societies, They create divisions, cause inefficiencies and are impediments. The place needs to be administered by technocrats and let the elected individuals remain in the house shouting, "Mr. Speeeeker" all day.


  14. Sad but true... the article read that labour supporters attacking each other? The good citizens!


  15. Dem get the people segregated. The people get so fed up and frustrated. They stop deal with love they turn to hatred. Most of the war politically motivated.


  16. Hmmmm and sad but true you both apparently cannot read or are unable to understand or are politically blind.
    A bus of SLP supporters going to a SLP rally WILL NOT HAVE UWP people on board.
    One person stabs another.
    Police turn back the bus.
    When the persons get off the bus in castries they continue fighting.

    So where does UWP name get in that?


  17. Why don't you people read they were all SLP supporters on a bus heading to micoud fighting among themselves..all you people see is red and yellow and don't have the common sense to analyse for yourselves


  18. Why are some people so small minded.Attacking or stabbing another individual won't change any aspects about the political campaigning etc.We should free our minds and educate ourselves.Though it is true that we who are reading this acticle have no knowledge of what actually caused the altercation, one could almost second guess that it has something to do with political affiliations.Good luck citizens..


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