Man shot in Vieux Fort

Man shot in Vieux Fort

shooting-jpgA man was hospitalised following a shooting in Vieux Fort town on Saturday night.

The victim has been identified as France Theodore.

Reports are that several shots were fired at Theodore by a known male and one of the shots caught him in the leg. The incident occurred about 8:30 p.m. on George Shine Drive.

He was hospitalised in stable condition at St. Jude Hospital.

SNO understands that the shooting stems from an ongoing violent feud between Theodore and the accomplice.


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  1. It look like I will have to go back to my school boys days of the late 50s, catapault time, you have a choice of either a marble or stone. Wonder what the charge will be, David was not charge for killing the Giant.


  2. Helen of the west is now a wild wild west cowboys in town! my goodness what the heck is going on with our young men, but again most of the crimes are not done by locals. Donald trump might have to come and get the criminals out.


  3. Boom boom!!!trouble again in VF. I predict one of the two involved will be statistics come next quarter. Lazarus will be measuring a coffin.


  4. Outlaws have guns. Law abiding citizens can not defend them selves because guns are outlawed. that is the situation in StLucia. A haven for crime.


  5. Same names constantly. Lord put a hand on these young men who think they control the town. Parents help put an end to this, don't shade or give your child reasoning for their bad deeds as you may be the next fallen victim.Please love your child enough to do the right thing.


  6. Babylon give them a toy see it in ah them hands like them turn Cowboys in town shooting down them own black brothers...


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