Man shot in Monchy

Man shot in Monchy


A man is nursing a gunshot wound to his leg following a shooting at Monchy on Wednesday evening.

The incident occurred at about 8 p.m. according to reports.

Jamil Desir, who is iin his 30’s, was standing outside his home, when he was shot by another man.

He was taken to the Gros Islet polyclinic where he received treatment for the gunshot wound.

Police have launched an investigation into this matter.


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  1. Yh Castries ppl giving peaceful monchy a bad name....these shit don't happen in the country cause don't forget we are bookies, we don't have gun, gang or war between us ...just love, rum n fun....put that in urll pipe and smoke it


  2. Name does nt sound familiar. Where in Monchy did this happen? If has not reach your community continue praying. Monchy was never on news regarding bullets and all this violence they are known to talk people business and quarreling. But no way you could have come and interfere the same people would fight you. People lets pray for our nations. Lord Heal our Land Sweet St Lucia


  3. What you mean by Monchy again... This happens everywhere when it happens in Castries why not say Castries again. Chpsz ihh


    • Because Castries is the City, Capital of St.Lucia, so many people roam the streets, but Monchy is regarded as a residential area


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