UPDATE: Man shot in Balata

UPDATE: Man shot in Balata
The victim was shot as he reached home and was heading upstairs to his apartment, according to reports.

A man was injured in a drive-by shooting at his home in Balata, Castries on Sunday evening (November 3), according to reports from law enforcement officials and residents.

The victim, who is a cashew nut vendor in Castries, had just arrived home, around 7:20 p.m., when shots were fired at him from a vehicle.

The victim was shot at the bottom of his steps shortly after coming out of his vehicle, according to reports.

His wife, who was with him, was unharmed.

“His wife was on the vehicle with him but he got out first,” a source said.

The victim’s daughter transported him to a hospital where he underwent immediate surgery. His current medical status is unknown.

Sources believe the victim was trailed home by his attacker/s.

A resident told St. Lucia News Online that about six gunshots were heard.

We will provide an update as soon as we get more information.


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  1. Mary Francis and her other Accociates will never Complain about that Increase of Criminal activity in St.Lucia .If was a police Shooting She would be asking for an independant investigation .She will never Sympathize with the Relatives of persons affected at all


    • When was the last time you saw My Cherry on TV after a bust at a millionaire's home? In fact the last big time business person that was busted here continue like he was never caught with drugs. Agreed Trinidad has a terrible level of bad crimes. But there is a commissioner now tackling the problem head on and getting results. Last I heard from My Cherry is that criminals will feel the wrath of the RSLPF. But we all know it will be more like the waft of the Royal St. Lucia Police Farce. As long as those heads remain in play we're in trouble. Those at the top need to go as they have failed.


  2. When u have people like Mary Francis n Claudia francios talkn shit the corruption in the system and rouge police brutalizing innocent ppl it becomes lawlessness at any cost we need to be tactical ready at any cost we as a ppl cannot give criminals the edge over society collectively we can take back our communities n city this brings me back to the movie New Jack city


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  4. Begging for another ORC now eh? When when the first one was underway you people were too happy to offer sexual favours to U.S diplomats to ensure ORC was reported to the U.S government. Lucians don't know what the hell they want!!!


  5. Trigger happy hope the culprit get caught ASAP that it doesn’t happen again . What has he done no one deserve that


  6. Ok that did it for me. Mr commissioner please bring back operation restore confidence. I beg of you. Who will be next. St. LUCIA is a one by one country. A dot in the ocean and we can control crime. Otherwise we need Gary Griffith from Trinidad to come here.


    • Yea.. cuz police have to be PROFESSIONALS when dealing with those vermin.. and the law abiding citizens have to be CAREFUL when dealing with those maggots.. while they terrorize the citizenry.. ohhh u follow


      • Yes the police have to be professional at all times. What needs to happen is regular citizens should be able to get firearm licenses easily. If those thugs knew their car would be riddled with bullets if they tried that, then this would not have occurred.


    • I secound that motion..look some guys threaghten to kill her a forieghner in cabiche because she decided to come take him by a rum shop..the law should intervien..


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