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Man shot in Anse Ger

By SNO Staff

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Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on the morning of Monday, October 30 in Anse Ger, Desruisseaux that left one male injured.

The victim sustained a gunshot wound to his arm during an alleged altercation with another male. He was treated at St. Jude Hospital.

No one is in police custody in relation to the shooting.

The Micoud Police Station responded to the report minutes before 7 a.m.

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  1. We were always taught that honesty is the best policy. The man was treated at a STADIUM not at a hospital. If we can rightly call a fellow who fails to take care of his children a DEADBEAT, or a female who sleeps around with men she's not married to a SLUT, then we can at least be honest and call where this victim was treated a STADIUM. Here's an idea: Take a drive to that structure and take a picture of it and ask a foreigner or a tourist to guess what they think it is. Enjoy a giggle or two when they chuckle after you tell them what disillusioned politicians want you to think that it is.

  2. yep, st lucia should change the slogan to wild wild west. where are they getting all this guns from? oh might how sad to see our black men dying so young. "OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE."

    • Where are they getting the guns from ?? You all know dam well it's from Trump Country they are coming from. Next month when custom declares reduced concessions all of you in the diaspora stop sending down the guns in the barrels. If he is only a fisherman but he drives a Benz check him next time he come back from sea Venezuelans still hungry. The risk of sending guns by air is too great so they come by sea. Those of you who keep sending down those pretty left hand drive vehicles and crashers especially from Texas and Florida you dam well know the deal, you don't need heat in the cars in St Lucia so why do you need a heater core when a nice semi automatic or two can fit right in there and we all know how customs are lazy if they are not politically motivated they wont check under the back seat or door panels. Take my word for it I KNOW

  3. Shouldn't it be that he was treated at the stadium, rather than saying St. Jude? I am just asking since most politicians and their hacks want people nowadays to be politically correct. Although they shift the goal post all the time when faced with questions about why the hospital remains incomplete after 7 years. Excuses range from not having finance (although we have spent 118 million on something that should have cost 40 million and still projecting to cost 176 million), because of DSH and now to one of pure stoicism: if Tapion was constructed from a hotel so why can't the current structure be adapted to be hospital.

    But wait! The problem is that we were and still are constructing a hospital, plus we never asked how much it cost Tapion to do the transition. So why the hell would we be building a structure and then see if we can get a hospital out of it?

    So you see how stupid a politician can make common sense and even you look?

  4. Helen of the Wild Wild West Indies


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