UPDATED: Man shot by police in Dennery


The Major Crimes Unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is investigating a police shooting that occurred in Grand Ravine, Dennery on Saturday, Nov. 15.

Reports are that Nelson Ollice, 46, also known as Brian, was shot by an off-duty police officer near a funeral reception after he allegedly drew a cutlass at the lawman.

The victim is alleged to have been intoxicated.

“The man was getting on with the family in mourning for rum. The officer was a guest at the funeral. He tried calming the man down. The man walked away. Minutes later he came back and draw a cutlass at the officer. In retaliation the officer shot him in the leg,” a source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The officer is reported to be a member of the Special Services Unit.

SNO will provide more information when it becomes available.


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  1. well well well i dont even know the officer cause i wasnt there but just the comment about him being honest and in ssu i feel i know who...and thats correct goodfellas he is


  2. Great job police man.. want to know what those typing the negative comments would do if a man attack them with a cutlass


  3. Preservation of one's own life is paramount, then comes that of the lives of our citizenry. Having read and understood the report, I can say in support of the police officer, that he used his best judgement; in pursuit of his quest for preservation of life/ lives. Officer, ensure that you a able to justify your actions. People are going to talk whether you are doing good or bad. The Cop


  4. Some lucians just wont quit acting and sounding like jackasses...da officer damn rite!! As is police yall talkin dat shate if was a criminal or drug lord yall would say defense!! Btw "save our souls" u hope it didnt "PUNCTURE" (not puncher) a major artery...we need to read, understand and think before we type and comment shate!!!


  5. I clearly remembered almost 2 weeks ago police shot an armed man with a cutlass and he died after. I read comments saying the police should have shoot him in his leg. Now another incident and he got shot in the leg,I'm still reading comments saying it's not justified. What do we really want???? Who knows the police saved innocent lives.


  6. Some of us quick to comment but don't read to understand. Good job officer.it said clearly he came to the officer with a cutlass.


  7. Can someone tell me what was the officer retaliating for, or was he defending himself? Look up the mean of both words.


  8. doesn't the officer carry a tazer? and why does an off duty cop carries a gun?

    i am to please that you shot him in the leg and hope it didn't puncher any major arteries but i understand that you had to do what you had to restraine him.

    i hope he gets help for him drinking addiction


    • save our souls,

      A Police Officer is a Police Officer 24/7. He /She is technically never off duty and are allowed to carry their service revolver 24/7 also. Tasers- you watch too much foreign TV or think St. Lucia is the US, England, Canada, or some other country. Since when have you know St. Lucian Police Officers to have tasers off duty or even have tasers?


  9. The police officer in question is one of the most genuine and professional officers you can find. He is never off duty.
    Great job bro. You used sound jugement. Wish all your collegues were like


  10. That officer should be complimented and assigned to assist with the mentally ill.He appears to be the only officer who knows how to disarm someone without shooting at the mass.Good job officer.BRAVO!!


  11. I'm Sure the guy who was intoxicated doesn't even know his rights as a citizen, they would tell him H=W and he would drink it all up. Farless for the officer, it's only a matter of "years" officers learn what's a noun and realize that we can call them dogs. It is a noun not an insult so feel free to call an officer whatever you want after all "officer" is a noun 🙂 . Not picking sides just saying we should know our stuff could come in handy.


    • For your edification calling anyone any name other than their own name is an insult and a person can be charged for insulting words for calling anyone including a police officer a dog. So stop inciting what is wrong. Encourage Saint Lucians to respect each other and the country will start to get better. That is why your children have nominees and discipline they learn it from listening to people like you.