Man seriously injured after being stoned in Sarrot

Man seriously injured after being stoned in Sarrot
Emanasa Ferdinand
Emanasa Ferdinand
Emanasa Ferdinand

A Sarrot man is currently nursing several injuries to his head and other parts of his body, after he was attacked by a group of 8 people with stones at around 4 a.m. Saturday.

Emanasa Ferdinand, alias Eman, 27, had just gotten off work and went home to change, to head to a spot called ‘Sandra,’ where there is usually a fete on the weekends, when he was attacked.

The man’s sister, Ella (only name given), told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Sunday that Ferdinand was attacked by five men and three women, who live in the same street as he.

“He was attacked with stones to the head and body. He was left for dead. He was transported to Victoria Hospital via the ambulance,” she explained.

Ella said her brother never got a chance to defend himself, and she is happy it happened that way, because he was outnumbered and his attackers didn’t stop until he quit moving.

“I guess they presumed he was dead,” she remarked.

Ferdinand suffered several lacerations to the head, two broken fingers, and torn tissues on his shoulder.

Asked if her brother had issues with anyone, Ella said he doesn’t, and she does not know what may have motivated the attack. However, she did admit that he had a past, but it’s been years since he has gotten himself in any trouble.

“He settled down with a nice girl, and is a great step-dad,” she said.

Ella told SNO that while Ferdinand is due to be discharged from hospital today (Sunday), he is still getting dizzy spells and his speech is a bit off sometimes.

He plans to press charges against the people who attacked him.


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  1. These animals that attached the young man like this should all be arrested and charged with attempted murder. They could have killed the guy, for Christ sake, why are some Lucians so vicious even women my God, why are they still out they know who they are, crazy ass people low life asses


  2. For some reason this sounds like a case of vigilante justice! Come guys ,,, whats the full story??


  3. Man's hearts have grown cold, eight to one? It's just not right. Stop taking the law into your hands. Wishing the gentleman a speedy recovery.


  4. Just so.Are you saying that we have 8 crazy individuals roaming the streets of Sarrot? Something wrong.The truth will soon come out.


  5. While i dont give those individials the right, now come on! No set of individuals is that mischievous or crazy/mad to attack a man for nooooooooooo reason at all, if u giving the story give the full story.


    • Whatever the reason is, we are not animals! We abide by our laws! Take the matter to court. As it stands all 8 should be charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder for the sheer indifference to human life and blatant disregard for our laws.


  6. Arresting the culprits should be imminent. I must add that this is attempted murder. He is lucky to be alive and have his eyesight. He would have been dead had he been hit in the right spot. Can you imagine five stones heading your direction unnoticed ?


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