Man sent to jail for stealing garlic in St. Vincent

Man sent to jail for stealing garlic in St. Vincent
Colin Williams

(SEARCHLIGHT) – Colin Williams, a 46-year-old °handyman° of Georgetown, will spend the next six months behind bars for the theft of four bags of garlic.

Williams appeared before magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The court heard a police officer was at the Ferdies’ Footstep Supermarket at Georgetown purchasing some items, when he saw Williams through the window. As the officer was about to leave, he saw Williams jump back with something in his hand, which aroused his suspicions.

Williams was questioned about what he had there. He began to laugh, and responded, ‘Nothing man, nothing.’

The black bag he was carrying was handed over to the police officer and four bags of garlic, valued at $20, were found with red tags from the said supermarket.

Williams told the police officer that the garlic had been bought elsewhere.

However, Ferdinand Toney, owner of the supermarket, when informed about the findings, responded, ‘I fed up of this man now.’

Williams explained to the court that he needed the garlic to season some tri tri.

‘Well, I get some tri tri and thing fuh season up, so that ah the reason,’ he said.

Magistrate Burnett commented: ‘They thieving everything now, even garlic.’

Williams asked the court to grant him some time to pay for the items. He had previously been convicted for theft and was slapped with a six-month custodial sentence.


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  1. Criminals out their stealing lives everyday,and they free to roam loose cannot be found so rhe government say,but they have laws on books to arrest man for stealing $20:00 worth of Garlic to season his Tri Tri a poor sufferer.St.Vincent judicial system should focus on putting sensible laws and sentences in place that make sense not nonsensical laws.The sentence dont fit the crime....If it does not fit he must have quit... 6 months for Garlic stupidness.


  2. X mayor Rudy juliani daughter was caught stealing expensive make up and was release on her father request...ah swear only poor ppl can face such worries the judge too gonna have his judgement day.


    • You looking at it like garlic is nothing they should have let him go easier but that's why we in st.Lucia have these problems. When people commit crimes there always some people that think "oh that nothing" and it get worst as time goes by cause thy always make it a habit especially when they've been let off easy before. A crime is a crime no matter how small it looks to you.


  3. Are u serious? so many nasty things going on in st vincent and no sentencing for criminals; you sentence a man for garlic! how about community service? what a a judge. i hope the poor guy appeal this sentence.


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