Man questioned in connection with death of Yana Auguste released

Man questioned in connection with death of Yana Auguste released
Yana Auguste
Yana Auguste

Police have released a man who was held for questioning in relation to the death of Yana Auguste.

Auguste’s semi-nude body was discovered near the Hummingbird Beach in Soufriere on Sunday, July 12.

Crime Chief Milton Desir told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man was taken in for questioning on Monday, July 13 and subsequently released.

Currently no one is in custody for that case, but investigations are continuing, the crime chief explained.

Mesir said there isn’t any strong evidence to hold anyone at this point for the murder.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Auguste died as a result of physical trauma and asphyxia.

Police said they are treating the case as a homicide.

Relatives also believe that the 32-year-old woman was murdered.


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  1. Not surprised. Why police cah use obeah? All the Haitians and Pundits we have here. If that's what we have that's what we have to use. That's shate!


    • I get your rationale in wanting to know the truth but there are consequences using demonic activities. I also desire just to prevail but fire can never be fought with fire to achieve a peaceful and honest outcome.


  2. No surprise there...when we have a forensic lab that's jus closed and not being put into proper we even have persons collecting any forms on DNA samples etc where the body was located or anywhere near? Bottom line is there is no progress in this country when it refers to the justice system. Why was an investment made towards constructing a forensic lab when proper security measures were not put in place as well as proper equipment is lacking.....we need to get our shit together!!!


  3. I bet if was drugs they wuda get through n have the correct person in custody. Hmmm , Mr desire guess finding the suspect doesn't benefit u enough like the fraud u in with these warehouses.. damn dis shit with all url officers. Nun of url are straight


  4. It's high time that everybody arrested once charged gets fingerprinted and dna sample collected, we are living in the stoneage in Saint Lucia, criminals literally get away with murder


  5. something seriously wrong here. Desir says there is no strong evidence to hold anyone for THE MURDER. In another part it reads police say they are TREATING this as a homicide. Statements are not in sync and suggests they are still doubtful of a murder angle. that could be a major hiccup


  6. No surprise there. Always no that these crimes will go unsolved because our police officers are not educated to do forensics and finger prints. So sad that people lives are no longer of value to our country.


  7. But no. As if I don't really hear of you guys solving any actual murders....if I do its once every leap year. I really tired of yall fellaz shayte. Like that really have me a kinda way. I read that and my pressure raise so fast. What the country paying yall for? To give people tickets in town? uh? tell me if is for that alone? Because is that alone yall does really be doing! I sick of yall! WOY I want a new set of officers for my tax money as you see things hard already. I cannot be worrying about my safety on top of that hard guava season. How is me?


    • Foolish. Tell your government to properly equip the police so they can do the work that is expected of them. How can u expect the police to solve every crime with very limited resources. Tell me.


        • That resource is in low supply in St Lucia.

          It's time for everyone to have their fingerprints and so on on file. If there was a database that would be a very good start.


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