Man plans to swim from Tobago to Trinidad in protest

Man plans to swim from Tobago to Trinidad in protest

(TRINIDAD EXRESS) – Watson Duke plans to swim from Tobago to Trinidad. And he says some Tobago fisher folk are going with him.

The swim will be a form of protest over the fiasco involving the inter-island ferries, he says.

AT a media conference at the Scarborough Port, Tobago this morning, and speaking in his capacity as leader of the Tobago House of Assembly’s minority council, Duke said the ‘swim protest” would start at 8a.m on Monday.

He said “along with some of the fishing folk from Tobago, we will be staging a protest via the sea where we will be swimming from this port towards Toco”

He said : “We are not sure exactly where we will reach, insofar as Toco, San Souci, Port of Spain. Wherever we reach, we know it will be the north coast. By whatever means necessary, we will take that means. And we are doing this understanding the peril out there, understanding that the water is mixing and the currents are heavy , that there are different types of fish out there that could be dangerous understanding that maybe it will be the very last time we are coming back on this side”.

But, he said : “we are doing it with precautions, life vest, coast guard, fishermen around us, rescue team doctor, nurse, but we are doing it for Tobago”.



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  1. My boy this is dangerous. Your protest swim is not worth your life. Take a protest boat ride instead.


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