Man of unsound mind arrested for stalking woman, child

Man of unsound mind arrested for stalking woman, child


Police have arrested a Pavee man who is in his 30’s, for allegedly stalking a woman and her five-year-old child for some time now.

Nikita (only name given), told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that the alleged stalker has a mental past and was a previous patient at the Mental Wellness Centre.

The Morne Du Don resident said the man who use to frequent her community, would say howdy and she would do the human thing and reply each time he spoke to her.

But she later learnt about his past and was told that he served a three years prison sentence before she got to know him.

Nikita said he would later pass her home and stare at her and her family in a strange and frightening way. The man allegedly started telling people that she is his girlfriend, something she denies.

The woman said things didn’t stop there, because he came several other times and harassed her family. Despite making a police report, the police was unable to do anything because of the lack of transportation.

Things didn’t change, because this year at Assou Square in Castries, Nikita had noticed him standing opposite the booth that she and her mother had acquired, staring at her every move.

But things got more frightening, when he went to the Vendors Arcade in Castries, where her mother works and attempted to speak with her 5-year-old girl child.

Nikita’s mother warned her and advised her to report the matter again to the police. She eventually realized that not only was he trying to speak with the child, but he was also stalking her at school.

“This morning I heard a parent speaking saying the guy was there this morning and he went to every classroom to look for the little girl. The other students were scared and screaming, because there was no security there as yet.” the distraught mother explained.

Nikita said she was able to get to the school on time to take her child. When she arrived there, she saw the man but lucky for her, he did not confront her nor did he say anything.

While he claims he also has a child attending that school, the woman said no one can confirm this.

Nikita said she called the police again who took her around the city in search of the man, but they came up empty handed.

She was later alerted that he was at the Vendors Arcade and she informed the police who took her to identify the man. He was arrested and taken to the police station.

“They took him to the Mental Wellness Centre. That is where he will be treated for about a week and discharged, so that he can come after us again,” she stressed.

The woman is afraid that the man could target her child and family again once he is back on the streets.


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  1. Is he light skinned and slender built? If he is please state because I am quite suspicious of one myself.


  2. I am also a resident of Pavee with two small children. I would like a picture of this man posted for us to know who to be on the lookout for.


  3. I live in Pavee as well and this man's photo and information needs to be circulated so we all can be aware of him. This is disturbing...


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