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Man killed in vehicle accident


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One man is dead following a vehicular accident on the Bexon Highway this morning at about 7:50.

Details are not available at this time, however according to reports a male pedestrian was hit by a car. He fell in a drain and died shortly after.

Meanwhile, about four people were injured in an accident in Anse La Raye at about 5:00 this morning, Saturday, April 27, 2013. Only one vehicle was involved.

Photos of the Anse La Raye accident are on

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  1. ok watever i lived in Canada for over 10 yrs n trust me they did show these pics in the news ur'll ppl always like to put st lucia / lucians down whats wrong wif a family member knowing where or how they loved ones died thats life ur'll ppl are too BACKWARD we live we die 10,000 ways to die choose 1.

  2. I agree, the media in their quest to fight for popularity should be more conservative and sensitive in their reporting. You would never see that in the USA, only in St. Lucia anything goes. Even if the face is covered a famiy member will be affected because they know the time, day and location that they loved one passed.

  3. To be the pic did not show the person's face nor did it reveal anything to have me covering my face, saw nothing wrong with it. Anyway to the more important - rest in peace and condolences to the family.

  4. R i p poor soul. Wish u well with the heavenly father, man just failed u. So sad

  5. I understand that repoters have a job to do, but we need to think of the bereaved families. Is that the way in which we would like to see our loved ones being photographed to the world. St Lucians are facinated by death, even at funerals i have noticed they are taking photgraphes of people laying in coffins (wow) Where does dignity fot the dead come in?

    • Can u tell from the picture who it is?? I know the man & could not tell from the pic that it was him. St Lucians like to play they r too hypersensitive.Watch some ALjazera & then come an talk about facinated by death. As for at funerals, the family has the right to SAY if they do not want any photos taken

      • Very true SMH. I have no idea who it is as there is no way I can see a face. Some people just don't look and analyse before they leap. How can one tell whose whose photo it is? Smh..

    • Agree!!!

  6. Another sad case!

  7. Concerned Citizen

    It's about time they put speed bumps on the Bexon highway - way too many accidents....only hope this individual was at peace with God

  8. Poor soul.. RIP .. NO fault of his own.

    When will these people learn to drive with care. They are not only putting their lives at risk but more so innocent people going on their day to day lives.

  9. There are places along the v/fort Castries highway that are steps away from peoples front door and shops and traffic roars through there like they in the indy 500.Cops should be patrolling these areas setting up speed traps and give the citizens of those community s a fighting chance of survival.
    One other thing.....buses should have zero tolerance for breaking the rules of the road because some of them are the worse offenders on the roads.R.i.p. young man your government failed you.


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