Man injured in Christmas Eve accident needs financial assistance

Man injured in Christmas Eve accident needs financial assistance
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Earl Emmanuel

The victim of an accident which occurred on Christmas Eve night is seeking the public’s assistance in raising money to offset his medical expenses to undergo treatment overseas.

Earl Emmanuel, a LUCELEC employee, was riding his motorcycle home from work on Christmas Eve night, when he got involved in an accident, and has been hospitalized ever since.

The collision took place at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, December 24, near Paul’s Service Station at Vigie.

According to friends, Emmanuel’s injuries are life threatening. He sustained a broken pelvis and has broken his knee and leg in 3 places.  He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Victoria Hospital.

The father of two requires some specialized treatment in neighbouring Martinique.

“Healthcare is very expensive and we would like to help him as much as we can to get the care that he needs.  If the proper care is not found he will never walk or ride again,” his friend Sonia St. Hilaire said.

“The money we are raising will go towards paying for him to travel to Martinique, to get the specialized care he requires.  He will also need an MRI to be able to see how much damage has been done.”

Sonia said, the tragedy has left her family with a heavy heart and they would therefore appreciate any help that can be given to Emmanuel, to make a difference in whatever way possible.

Sonia’s husband Cyrius St. Hilaire worked with Emmanuel at LUCELEC for 20 years.

The couple was given permission to create an account on for Emmanuel, by his girlfriend.



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  1. The problem is that in Victoria Hospital there are no real good orthopedic surgeons and proper equipment. Even in Tapion this will be a problem. I lived 12 year in St. Lucia and medical care is quite mediocre or poor. Panamá is excellent and far less expensive than Martinique.


  2. My heart goes out to the family. For the rest of us, there's a lesson. We believe life is all about the good times and we hardly ever prepare for such circumstances. The family's house is probably insured, their vehicle too. And it is no surprise that the gentlemen does not have any or enough insurance coverage to take care of his current condition. We protect our property but not ourselves. How on earth can he enjoy his house, family and other earthly acquisitions if he is not in good health? In case he cannot work again, what becomes of his family and other earthly possessions? Family protection (including yourself) is provided for through insurance instruments...there's no other way!
    I wish the family well......


  3. I am very sorry for the young man, but i have been saying that St.Lucia needs a better hospital, and a better health care system and better providers . I really feel for my people , i don't reside in st.lucia however i am a born st.lucian. I am willing to help whatever the government needs , to put a good system in place, we Lucians abroad are ready and willing to donate whatever it may be .I hope they make progress in the new year. I just want to say one more thing so far many people who have traveled to martinique for medical treatment comes back in a body bag.


  4. Lucelec is usually a major sponsor of all kinds of activities and events locally ...His situation is equally as critical and even more so than any PR campaign or trying to score good coperate citizen points. Charity begins at home ...He should not be seeking assistance...Lucelec step up and take care of your own...


  5. Martinique is very expensiv. Check Venezuela Colombia marguerita. Speak to the female doctor wilson


  6. LUCELEC Need to help the man!!!! Only in St.Lucia we get a way with crap like that. This guy should have been in Martinique by now!!! 20 years as an employee!!! Secondly, don't be surprise at the hospital, governments continue to neglect medical, sports and education which are the key essentials for any economy to survive. We need to start getting signed commitments from all those governments who want to come in to power who start looking at "setting up" themselves and family the minute they get elected while our masses suffer through sub standard "basic services!"


  7. I am aware that LUCELEC has a medical plan for employees. This plan with Beacon Insurance provides overseas medical, so let's not jump to conclusions unless we know the facts.


  8. ?????if he is an employee of lucelec where is his medical insurance. I can see they dont pay for travel expenses but if your employees got into an accident on his way from work his company suppose to pay for his medical care. I know there is an out of pocket deductible but after the copay. Insurance must pick up the balance only in St.Lucia my goodness. Pray this young man get the help he needs. Oh lorx.


  9. Such a shame that the government hospital in our own country cannot help this gentleman. Cannot imagine that our own hospital is unable to provide him with the care he needs and he has to resort to raising money to travel overseas. What is wrong with this picture??
    I hope he is able to raise the money needed to look after his health. Shame St.Lucian 'hospitals' can't help their own people.


    • Every lucelec employee has medical insurance and NIC and he might as well have life insurance but the thing is is it enough to cover these expenses


  10. That's why we need health insurance coverage. Those who can assist should but I do believe we need to be responsible enough to have some kind of coverage.


  11. Why is this a usual occurrence in St Lucia, why don\t we come up with an insurance plan for these types of things because many times i see or hear my fellow st lucians in such a predicament ... ... hope he gets the help he needs sad to see this happening to people and they feel that there's not immediate way to get help.


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