Man in gruesome Bexon chopping video identified


(SNO) — A video of a bloodied man with gruesome chop wounds has been circulating on social media. And the victim has been identified.

A Saint Lucia Fire Service official told St. Lucia News Online on Saturday that the man in the video is 43-year-old Ryan Alphred, who sustained a severed left wrist and lacerations to his face/neck in Bexon on Friday, December 13.

The man is currently in serious or critical condition at a hospital, the official said.

The Fire Service responded at 10:35 p.m.

In a 21-second video obtained by our newsroom, the victim is lying motionless, in a pool of blood, on his side, on a concrete column.

The video shows a knife next to the man who is wearing a knapsack. His left wrist is wrapped with blue clothing.

The video also shows two pig carcasses hung behind the injured man, who is barefooted.

A male voice is heard in the video pointing out to an unseen female that the man’s severed hand is in the shop.

“His hand?” the female asks, sounding shocked.

“… Look his hand in the shop there,” the man replies.

The video then shows the man’s hand on the ground as soca music plays in the background.

The Fire Service official told St. Lucia News Online that the victim was transported to Victoria Hospital by ambulance after being “physically assaulted”, suffering “facial trauma” as well as a severed wrist.

Details surrounding the incident were not available.


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