Man hit by vehicle

Man hit by vehicle
Isidore being attended to by emergency officials at the scene of the accident.

IMG-20150801-WA020 IMG-20150801-WA021 IMG-20150801-WA019At exactly 12 noon, St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received reports of an accident on the dual carriageway of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway.

Reports are that an adult male was hit by a pickup while allegedly attempting to cross the road in the vicinity of Renwick and Company Ltd. The accident reportedly occurred between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.

After hitting the man, the van stopped. The driver of the pickup is reportedly cooperating with the authorities.

The injured man was taken to hospital by ambulance. His condition is unknown at this time.

An eyewitness accused the injured man of jaywalking, further alleging that the man “jumped” the concrete median barrier when he was hit.

“He jumped it but could not reach the next side,” the eyewitness alleged.


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  1. First of all I hope he is ok,Everyone jaywalk sometimes if you are not going to say anything good about someone please do not say anything at all some of you guys your views are so nasty it doesn't worth reading.These nasty ones they have nothing to do so they put in anything that comes in their minds so sad.Type in things that makes sense not evil stuff.Some drivers are crazy they do not care about people lives.They drive so fast sometimes they do not have the time to stop when there is an accident pedestrian or no pedestrian the still do not stop so do not blame the man.Pray for his recovery that's the best thing to do.The evil ones hope one day it will not be your families


  2. It was about time something like this happen...St. Lucians head too hard...Hope the driver of the pick up van is ok...screw the pedestrian...


  3. We St. Lucian's are too quick to judge....He is not the first and will not be the last person to attempt Jaywalking...Please I am not condoning what he did, for there were means available to him on either end, being the pedestrian crossing near the round about or the walk over near bisee gap; however each and everyone of us have sometime in our lives attempted stuff, be it lying, fighting, jaywalking watever the case, and we hope and pray that we don't get caught...In this situation it was unfortunate that Ainsley was not able to make it across before being hit down by the vehicle...BUT u know what thank God for the fact that he is alive and coming along nicely, he is a human being like any other, he has family and is loved. This young man is a very loving soul, not a dog or an animal that we can wish so many bad things for....I never knew St. Lucians were so evil minded...but u know what, unless it does not hit home we are free to express our opinions as we please....THANK YOU to all those wishing him speedy recovery and get well wishers....For all those wishing him bad and rejoicing over the fact that they believe he got what he deserved...go grow a soul and may the good and merciful lord be with you and your family that you may NEVER have to experience this, especially with us his family members being all down in the south of the island and not knowing what happened for sure.....May the Lord bless all our souls as we continue to pray for our loved one....Peace yall


  4. I eh know what happen to us Lucians. If he was in say New York. He would've used the correct place to cross. Lucians crossing, when u blow the horn for them to hurry, especially when they not on a pedestrian crossing they want to get vex. I hope he recovers soon though.


  5. We all make bad choices in life which are sometimes fatal. This accident should be used to correct the problem which obviously exist in that area. He is not the only one who has made the go for it. Remind the public by signage that it is illegal to cross at that point with the associated penalty, drivers to look out for possible jaywalkers, or erect a pedestrian crossing. Hope he pulls through. Accidents are avoidable. Following the rules is one way to avoid them.


  6. This should happen dat should happen....... wat would u say if this happens to u. We all do short cuts? So wat... Because of this the government should implement the Jay walking law. My thoughts....... accidents happen every day the thing about it drivers forget when they on the road they drive to save life not harm them. Drivers drive by the rules and pedestrians use the road with safety... U know how hard the families taking the tragedy. People think before you comment


    • What foolishness comment is this? There is a crossover put there especially for pedestrians. Simple fact: If he had used it he would not have been in that accident, case closed! I drive and trust me I sometimes wonder why people take chances with their lives! This could have been worse. Wishing him a speedy recovery though and I hope that is a lesson for some of the other persons who do it! No one should lose their life that way!


  7. Where where where!!! Smh we St. Lucians must learn the hard way, but it's time to put laws in place to charge pedestrians for jaywalking. Hope we learn our lesson


  8. This highway needs an additional walk over near Renwick. I feel sorry for the workers at Renwick, SLTB, J E Bergasse, and the residents on the hill. Its an awful distance using the walk over near the Bisee gap or using the pedestrian crossing near Avis. I would probably do the same thing too.




  10. Lucians like to take shortcut too much. Little country like ours. Just to walk a few feet to a walkover? The exercise damn good for you. Look what you go and do yourself. Should charge your ass too. I have no sympathy for him. Let him feel it. He will NEVER do it again.


  11. This guy must be charged with attempted suicide also with any other charges. These guys are really too dumb.


  12. I hope the driver is in good condition as well for the man involved. Jay walking is an offense that should be taken serious. Its about time the traffic officers charge against these offenses rather than give poor individuals tickets for petty offenses. More tickets are given out in carnival events than any other crimes or offenses here something is wrong


  13. It's high time authorities begin to charge persons for crossing the median. The law is too lenient with these jay walkers, where a fine should be attached to these offenses, sadly there are more tickets begin given to the public for "sessions" rather than offenses to correct their mistakes, do hope he is in good condition.


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