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Man gets chopped up in La Guerre, Babonneau


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(PRESS RELEASE) – On Sunday, December 24, 2017, about 3:00 p.m. officers attached to the Babonneau Police Station, responded to a report of Grievous Harm at La Guerre, Babonneau.

Mogaby Doxilie of La Guerre, Babonneau, sustained wounds to his right arm and also chest area, as a result of chopping incident. He is presently admitted at Victoria Hospital, in a stable condition.

Investigations are ongoing in this matter.

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  1. So everybody this idiot has chopped is in self defense.wow!!!! We as parents need to let our children know they are wrong if they are. righting them for everything will never make them good.in the end we are only creating monsters like the attacker

  2. We are all children of Satan disguised as being superior to mindless beast of prey because we wear clothes. Strip the clothes and remove examples of animals standing, we would be on all fours most of the time.

  3. Mogaby is no saint....karma....

  4. Woow I think u went to school only on the first of April Sharon Terrell so careful who u nail pon cross lady if u don't know the whole story it just might of been self defense don't b so quick to judge.

  5. Any human being that can pick up a cutlass and chop another human being is not normal,thats a animal,a beast and a monster,certainly not of Christ...Satanic demonic beings living among Godly people. I would give you a life sentence son of s bitch.....Satan. fire have to and will burn you'll,it will be nothing but Brimstone and fire upon you'll....You'll souls will perishfor ever...pick up you'll bible demons"


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