Man found hanging in Babonneau

Man found hanging in Babonneau


A man was found hanging in a house in Babonneau in a case of supected suicide.

The man, identified as John Edmay, was found this morning.

His sister made the discovery.

Edmay was last seen on Wednesday according to reports.



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  1. Have we considered that there could be a serial killer in barbonneau preying on defenseless persons with emotional/psychological issues?

    Has anyone or the police try to find any other link between those persons?
    Have they been in contact
    What's their childhood connection
    The chords used
    The knot used.
    We can all sit there and laugh or think it's a coincidence but if five people from barbonneau won the lottery in a row the government would review the system and the place selling those tickets would be checked.

    Just my 2-sense


  2. Everything hppens for a reason, after elections so many lives lost. I'm not even into politics and this conclusion was so clear, right infront of my face.


  3. Come on now people, mental illness is an affliction with no Geographical boundary be it
    history, nation, race, male or female, rich or poor. IT was there in B.C. and it's here now.
    Poor St. Lucia will one day awaken with the sufficiency required for such medical attention.
    THE CHURCHES ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB. (please read psalm 91 every morning or night).


  4. I would never call someone who commits suicide A coward.There could be extenuating circumstances that we cannot even fathom e.g mental illness.Even if it is recognized we are not equipped here in St Lucia to adequately deal with them.My sincere condolonsces to his family.


  5. It is understood he made an attempt a couple years ago.So sad .Depression is a terrible condition but most people refuses to go for help.


    • when you're depressed how can you be in the right state of mind to ask for help.:( why do the professionals think an abnormal state of mind can make normal sad.. you have to do the right things first to avoid that state of mind...


  6. Don't we have services for our citizens who are battling depression? It seems like every so often persons are taking the coward way out of this life. Don't we have loved ones we can confined in them and let them know what is going on with you,me and so on, or we as a nation have become so full of ourselvesthat we don't care.


    • Well clearly there is something wrong in the community because so much of this type of things are coming from the area. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out and make the connection to the place. we dont know exactly what it is, but certainly something not right there.


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