Man found guilty of trying to leave St. Lucia with 80K in US currency

Man found guilty of trying to leave St. Lucia with 80K in US currency

A Castries man has been found guilty of trying to leave the island with more than USD$80,000 (EC$221,400)  in cash, court records have revealed.

Caius Pascal of Ti Colon, Castries was charged with making untrue statement to customs officer, possession of USD$82,000 suspected to have been unlawfully obtained, and attempting to export the sum of USD$82,000 packed in a manner to deceive an officer.

Pascal was arrested for the offenses on September 24, 2008 at about 10:30am at the George F L Charles Airport.

The cash was reportedly found hidden in his luggage, and after denying knowledge of it, he was arrested and charged for the offenses.

After the trial, he was found guilty on all three charges and the USD$82,000 was forfeited.

The decision was handed down on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 before Magistate Velon John.

Pascal was also fined $5,000 on each of the three charges, to be paid in 60 days or in default two years imprisonment.


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  1. Since 2008 are you kidding me? Velon John had the audacity to punish him with $5,000.00 a piece on each charge after they confiscated his monies. That Velon may you rot in hell. What proof you all have to know it was unlawfully obtained? Where is his $82,000 dollars sure it came in handy to help someone. St.Lucia we love, yea right.How will he be able to pay $15,000 in sixty days? He should rob Velon and pay the fine.


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