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Man found dead in Sarrot

By SNO Staff

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The man's body

The man’s body

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a man in Sarrot.

17198489_1248453491916892_1388917138_nThe man’s body was found on the road way.

Reports are that he was beaten by residents over the weekend and may have succumbed to his injuries.  Persons have described the man as a vagrant.

However, police will await the results of an autopsy to determine if the death was a homicide.

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  1. He is a human being period. Life doesn't always treat us all fair, but he is human by all accounts, someone's son, brother, uncle or father that doesn't give us any right to treat him lesser than us, whatever happened to us St.Lucians we are one heartless set of people. You folks beat him up ok rejoice now that he is dead, but wait for you'll day you know what they say about payback it a dam bitch. Heartless heartless some of you are, shame if u treat a brother like this how about me, he didnt have money to throw at you all old dranks. So you all took his life. God sees and knows everything just wait.

  2. salop they beat hisass

  3. Why are St. Lucians so quick to revel in the demise of another? Don't they know that their day too will be coming? Some are even concerned with looks at the time of death, but I hope at the time of their death that they remain unsatisfied that there may be no distinction between their lips and their butts.

  4. This is SO wrong regardless of the man being a vagrant who was human being!

    If the allegations of him being beaten by residents is true and it sounds very likely judging by some of the comments.

    Then the authorities should not have too much trouble bringing the residents to Justice.

    Ok, lets presume he burgled a properties and the resident know with out a shadow of doubt it was him.

    You give him a beating but not such a severe beating for you'll to tale the man's life. AWA people that WRONG WRONG.

  5. I hope the people responsible are arrested and prosecuted..Nobody deserves to die such a brutal death; it doesn't matter what category we put them in..Yes, he was a drug addict /Jombie/Vagrant whatever we like to label God's creation who have fallen, but he did not deserve this..

  6. He's a son father uncle friend. .. he had life....shame on us....shame on all of US who treat persons as lesser than.....smh

  7. He is a vagrant but he is a HUMAN BEING FIRST! If his death was indeed caused by those residents who beat him, then they need to be charged!!

  8. Damn, March is starting off badly

  9. It WAS a homicide!!! Charlo and Co know who did it.

  10. They beat him so much now he is dead y they didn't call police all who were involved police have to arrest them

  11. Not one person had the decency to call an ambulance when he fell but they had the time to take pics. Smh

  12. ".............Persons have described the man as a vagrant."
    So are you saying that since he is perceived to be a vagrant, he is deserved to be beaten to death and left on the side of the road to rot like a stray animal??? what has become of the St.Lucia I once knew?
    ZOT TOUT MODI......

  13. Thats one ugly dude.

  14. Aa you'll kill de man
    Now all you going to jail boy

  15. So sad indeed


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