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Man fatally shot in Marigot

By SNO Staff

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2016-09-23 09_58_35

A man was fatally shot on Thursday evening in Marigot, it has been reported.

The shooting happened close to 7.p.m. as residents in the area recalled hearing loud gunshots.

The victim identified as Mervin Francis, 36, aka “Vines” was discovered with multiple gunshots to his body.

He was taken to hospital but is believed to have died on the scene, according to residents.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Vine looked like a real cool guy and upstanding citizen. Salt of the earth.

  2. R I p

  3. Only today I got to know about your negative side but still didn't change my feelings towards you because you respected me at all times. Sorry to hear you passed in this way and I hope that the rest of your families and friends stay strong. RIPP my friend until we meet again. ..tears ..tears...tears..GONE TO SOON ..........tears tears tears

  4. How can that happen at 7 pm and the body was on the road side all after 8 this morning and was never rush to any hospital yourll need to get urll information right before writing anything

  5. Two of the woman's children fathers have died so immediately you say something is wrong with her? What school did you attend?

  6. S self something is wrong with her cuz all her children fathers dying fatally.
    First Coco n now Vine... Smh R.I.P

  7. What goes around comes around... Every dog has their day..... Hmmmmm so many innocent blood was spilled by ur hands and now ur blood is being spilled... You live by the gun u die by the gun.... R.I.P to all the innocent lives you took. Bishop, Highly & to name a few....


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