Man dies in bizarre snake encounter in Tobago

Man dies in bizarre snake encounter in Tobago
Died: Tyrone McLetchie
Died: Tyrone McLetchie

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Tyrone McLetchie, 40, of Carnbee, Tobago has died in an encounter with a snake.

The bizarre incident happened at around 1.40 a.m. on Tuesday.

McLetchie, a systems administrator at the Division of Infrastructure of the Tobago House of Assembly, together with two friends, Dorion Baird, his next door neighbour, and co-worker Kareem Alfred, was liming and drinking when they saw a small snake.

McLetchie picked it up and started to fool around with it, but after a while the snake appeared to frighten him. McLetchie suddenly took a deep breath, fell backwards and struck the back of his head, causing a severe injury.

McLetchie, a father of two, died at the scene.

Dr Okpala, who lives upstairs the apartment complex at Carnbee, was called.

McLetchie’s body was ordered removed by Okpala to the Scarborough mortuary, where an autopsy is to be performed to determine the cause of death.

Corporal Andrews is investigating.


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