Man chops female companion at Piaye

Man chops female companion at Piaye


A woman was allegedly chopped on her forehead at Piaye, on Friday evening, by her common-law husband.

A police official confirmed that the incident took place around 7 p.m. (April 8).

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the woman is in her 50’s.

The man claims that the woman is mentally ill and that she took a cutlass and chopped herself.

He was arrested by police and is currently being held at the Laborie Police Station.

The woman is currently receiving treatment at hospital.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Woman can lie and be crazy to. woman are known in the beginning to destroy mankind....... Genesis 3:6


  2. I will wait for the police report - becus I doh know how a woman can chop herself in the head.


  3. The Haitians had made it abundantly clear that blood would flow in St. Lucia like water because they were not paid for all the nasty work they had done. Por jab sent Lisi. Ou ka Plewe ek soufwasn wed. Sad but true our people are colour blind up to now.


    • Look who is color blind.An individual got injured with a cutlass and that is politically affiliated?I think that this is a highly uneducated remark to make on this forum.I believe opinions like this should be kept in your uttermost sole and not shared with the public because the more educated and sound minded will see it and say "ou ka fu".


      • This person is not colour blind or uneducated. St. Lucians need to open their eyes to see that as stupid as it sounds, this individual is so right. Every time around elections season, lots of blood shed happens up until elections time, our little country is plaged with evil and it is not secret that it is practiced strongly by the Labour Party (sad, very sad).
        The colour-blind persons are the ones who are actually blinded by it, the innocent labour party supporters.

        This county needs lots lots of prayers


  4. If I knew how to chop my own forehead I would never go to jail. Man please come up with a better excuse


  5. Boy these days the devil waking the streets big daytime without underwear. We need prayers, not the simple lazy ones but the one Jesus said that require prayer and fasting. After all demons are possessing people at random and destroying both the victim and the perpetrator. God help us! Are elections playing some role in this? Who knows? But we know that some politicians appear desperate and will do anything for power even if they end up having to pay the devil. Hopefully, one day all those who keep deeping their hands in blood will have the honors of Satan himself coming for them in broad daylight. Then the rest of us can have some peace. But this can only happen if God's people pray.


  6. Let's hope someone puts something on his forehead when he goes to prison. Only a puck a** b*tch would lay their hands on a woman, Freaking coward.


  7. At this point I don't think it makes sense to comment on an particular crime anymore because everyday something horrendous is being reported.

    So I will just say at the rate we going, the country needs a complete overhaul.


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