Man chopped in front of 5-year-old daughter and common-law-wife

Man chopped in front of 5-year-old daughter and common-law-wife

A relative of an Odsan man, who was injured during an attack on his family at Morne lay-by, Castries Friday evening, has cautioned members of the public that “nowhere is safe” especially at lonely places at nights.

Benjamin Popo, a bus driver, along with his five-year-old daughter and common-law-wife, were enjoying a view at Morne lay-by when a male, armed with a gun, appeared sometime between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The relative, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bandit with the gun “cranked” the firearm.

“When Popo realised the gun had no bullets he attacked him (the bandit)…. The wife and child were screaming, so of course he put up a fight not knowing there were two other guys waiting below, so the attacker ran.

“When the other two realised what happened they came with their cutlasses, then Popo ran, but one of the attackers ran after him with the cutlass. And in trying to block the guy from chopping him, he chopped his left arm, then that guy ran as well. They (Popo and his family) then got into the vehicle and went to Victoria Hospital,” the relative said.

Popo, who got chopped close to his wrist, did surgery the following day. He is now recuperating at home.

“The guys were under the place waiting. I’d like this out there because when I look at it nowhere is safe. It could have been worse. Right there in that area you’re trying to mug someone?” the relative pondered. “He (Popo) got chopped on his hand. Imagine a five-year-old have to witness that? These guys are sick.”

The relative told SNO that the public must be on their guard at all times.

“Please let these people know that the area is not safe. It is not safe at all. I was really upset…. Trust me it cud have been worse. He could have gotten killed. The child and mother could have gotten killed as well. These men – well boys – had nothing better to do. Ya’ll see there was a child there, ya’ll still went ahead and did that.”

The bandits escaped without taking anything due to the fight put up Popo to protect his family.

Police are investigating.


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  1. st lucia was a dream home away from home for me but right now I will advice my friends please stay away from this island because it has become very violent lately and as a visitor you are not NOT safe there with your family,not even in transit I wanna pass there


  2. And when you go and buy your knife police wanna tell you shate, people have the right to defend them self no matter what. I am sure if this driver had kill one police fast to send him jail cause he kill but they not realizing people are in fear of they life and not anyone should carry a weapon so the law should give people license to carry weapon so they must learn don't rob people


  3. I am praying for Operation Restore Confidence to come back into action. It is time that those authority take a hard stand and put the citizens at peace while they deal with those criminal minds. They have body guards, police, and securities offered to them by tax payers money whilst we cannot afford it from our pockets for our self, therefore they should use our tax money and provide us with protection.


  4. They listening to too much damn dirty rap music better they go back to their roots and open their eyes. Unnecessary crime...smh.


  5. lol, En rouge, Everywhere in red. Why we paying a national security minister if nowhere is safe or secure. SMFH.


  6. you can say it for sure no where is safe you leaving your home you don't know if you will return sorry to hear what took place.


  7. And get rewarded with a short stay at Hilton (Bordelais) Suites: 3 meals a day, cell phone time with the crue on the outside, perhaps a weekly 'revue" of a live VS "model" from da hood etc

    The old testament law of a tooth a tooth makes lots of sense.

    If this was Saudi Arabia we would see lots of armless torsos walking around.

    I wonder what crime was committed by the headless horseman?


  8. Crime will never stop cuz them assholes rub and kill people ok u lock them up no hard labour eating drinking writting cxc they go to gym canival its like they are in paradise u think doing that for them will stop crime no man and when the police deal with them u people want to crucify them


  9. That's good for u guys when the police try to stop them u guys talk a hip of shit so take what u guys get I always have my weapon to deal with those assholes


    • don't worry your time will come with your weapon you will not be that lucky that's the best you can say fool