Man charged with rape, attempted murder of Dennery woman

Man charged with rape, attempted murder of Dennery woman


The male suspect in the October 8, 2016 rape and chopping incident of a female in Dennery has been charged with the offences of rape, attempted murder and stealing from person, the police have confirmed.

Police said the charges were laid against the alleged perpetrator on Friday, October 14, 2016.

The woman claims she was offered a drop to her home by the male assailant, who diverted and drove his car in a area with thick vegetation, where he forced her to have sex with him.

Once he was done, the man allegedly instructed the woman to wipe her self. But while doing so, the woman said the man took out a sharp instrument from his car trunk and started chopping her.

In an attempt to block her face, the woman placed her hands in the air and sustained multiple chop wounds.

The woman claims that the man then proceeded to put his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. Strangely, the man then left her behind, but not before taking her cash and mobile phone.

The woman said she managed to run towards a public road and stopped a white van that assisted her to the police station, where she told them what happened. She was later taken to hospital for treatment.

The victim had described the man as a ‘friend,’ who she never expected would have done that to her.


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  1. "Police said the charges were laid against the alleged perpetrator on Friday, October 14, 2016". Still, the perp remains nameless and faceless. Only in St. Lucia?


    • true that, if if was a drug bust,, they would show the name and his face,, because st. lucian law are more after drugs than the rapist and criminals,, i guess they have a profit in the drugs buisness


  2. If he has been charged, why are they withholding his identity. Expose the criminals don't shield them bastards.


  3. Maybe this pig of a human may not have a mother, sister, woman nor child. To inflict such pain on a woman who trusted him , shame on you, jail is awaiting you. SMH. WOMAN AND CHILDREN PLEASE BE ON THE ALERT FOR PREDATORS LIKE THIS ONE........


  4. R U all for real? This monster face should make headline news and plaster all over the lamp poles in the shopping windows on cars and buses etc. As you know my fellow St.Lucians we will never hear another word about that again, it will be swept under the rug just like all the other heinous crimes committed on women and children,so please let's not hold our breath,because the justice system is asleep at the wheels. I hope that sucker rot in hell or get some real street justice by big bubba.


  5. they need to publicize these criminals name and let the public know who they are when they are charged and arrested


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