Man charged with handling stolen goods in SMC burglary

Man charged with handling stolen goods in SMC burglary


A 21-year-old man was formally charged on Sunday, October 16 for the offence of handling stolen goods.

Chevy Diquoto of La Clery was found with a laptop belonging to St. Mary’s College (SMC).

Police said another laptop was recovered and another individual is currently in custody.

Three male individuals accused of burglarizing SMC were also recently arrested and could be charged soon.

On Monday, October 10, 2016 armed bandits tied up and physically assaulted the security guards that were on duty at SMC, before breaking into the school building.

This publication was told that the police had responded in good time, interrupting the burglary. But while shots were fired, the bandits still managed to escape.


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  1. Slow down Selah! all he has been held for thus far is handling stolen goods because the goods were found in his possession. Naturally he wld have to be positively identified by the victims in order for these other charges to be laid. if the police do the proper investigations into the matter, then all the rest will follow.


  2. Smh...what about causing grievious harm, attempted murder..of the security guards!! Why did the police release one of the individuals for the robbery and attempted murder of the security guard?? who is been held responsible for medical expenses of those two security guards?? One of these guys was been released by the police and resides in La Clery..Police yall need to lock him up!! He's causing alot of problems in the neighbourhood!! There is another one in La Clery he on a cruth cause more problems in the neighbourhood..always raising guns in people's face..well on timid guys from the area...smh..he too needs to be caught and throw away the key!!


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