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Man charged for killing father in Pavee

By SNO Staff
Ezra Smith being taken to court today.

Ezra Smith being taken to court today.

A 26-year-old man charged with killing his father, appeared in the Gros Islet Magistrate’s Court today.

Ezra Smith is accused of stabbing his father, 51-year-old Charles Augustin, at their Pavee, Castries residence on Friday, Feb. 3.

A post mortem revealed that Augustin died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to stab wound to the left chest, according to a police press release.

Charles Augustin (inset) died after being stabbed allegedly by one of his sons.

Charles Augustin (inset) died after being stabbed allegedly by one of his sons.


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  1. Awa awa no chow mein, mate whole life he mad. Once I see mate on a tree trying to behave sain but de madness escape awa awa sad news

  2. i think he is mentally ill. only mentally ill people would think about killing their parents

  3. Boi your grand mother must b turning in her grave , she raised yall with Christian values and yall adopted the ways of this world.

  4. Mentally ill. You'll young fellas is bull pistol lash you'll need so you'll can behave. Blame mentally ill..

  5. Now the court should see he mentally challenged

  6. WHAT A SHAME, MAY YOU REST IN PEACE ..... and if the accuser is mentally ill, why isn't he getting some help. Why are they jailing him? SMH.......

  7. RIP my methodist school mate ,knew him from stage one

  8. Where is the boy mother ? Is he mentally ill or what ?


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